MÁV Symphony Orchestra Season Tickets – 2018/2019

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Media gathering was held at the Aria Hotel/Budapest whereas the representative of MÁV Symphonic Orchestra spoke about the coming up concerts of  the season 2018/2019.  György Lendvai, Chief Executive Officer, emphasized Tibor Szőke – master lease, in which the works of Bartók, Mozart and Brahms performed by Maximus Vengerov (great honor to have him!) Charles Duthi, Péter Csaba and Ken-Ichiro Kobayashi. Among others, Andrea Rost and Ildikó Komlósi will perform in the new season with the orchestra. In the 2018-2019 season, the MÁV Symphony Orchestra presents again ten series of passages at the Palace of Arts, the Academy of Music, the Italian Cultural Institute, the Festetics Palace and the Hungarian National Museum.

Leading conductor and artistic leader Péter Csaba. They can be seen more than ten times  this season, flanked by Gábor Takács-Nagy – former art director, Gergely Kesselyák – conductor, as well as Ken-Ichiro Kobayashi honorary conductor with the band several times.

An outstanding event of the season will be the MÁV Symphony Orchestra Japan tour 2019. The initiative came from Ingrid Fujiko Hemming pianist woman who has been a guest returning to the band. The apropos are that Japan 150 years ago took up diplomatic relations with the then Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, now between Japan and Hungary, of course, still it is unbroken and prosperous relationship. in honor of the jubilee year of the MÁV Symphony Orchestra led by Ken-Ichiro Kobayashi Japan begin in May 2019 tour, which will be the largest event in Tokyo Suntory Hall, but will affect more points. The concert tour will be taking part in the world-famous soprano Andrea Rost as well. the program prior to departure will present the band in Hungary.

Robi Lakatos is well-known not just in Hungary but throughout the world as the violin virtuoso – World musician. Through video message said that he will be on stage with his own band and the Orchestra at the same time. His music covers traditional gipsy music combines with classics and jazz.

A little ahead with unfolding, spreading the news, is that Botticelli will be giving a concert together with the MÁV Symphony Orchestra in front of twenty thousand viewers. Yet the When and Where is not covered.

In addition continuing the highly successful family concerts as well. The MÁV Symphony Orchestra’s free summer program, namely “Open Day” will be highlighted on June 2, at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the chamber orchestra formations of the artists making music starting at the University Square Károlyi Garden, one of the most beautiful squares and gardens at the Palace District. Thereafter, at the Károlyi Garden, at the University Square, at Calvin Square, at Kálmán Mikszáth Square, in the Garden of Architects and in the Garden of the Music Library. In the evening at 8p.mm at the Pollack Mihály Square, the great band plays with conductor – Tamás Csurgó. The mini-concerts are around 15 minutes in length, and at each venue appear in different formations and styles. The blocks are held between a quarter-hour break, so a pleasant walk from one location to another argument, you can listen to some of the visitors. In the time between concerts, musicians stay on the spot and await questions from the audience interest in music, concerts, and backstage secrets.

In purchasing lease tickets will be available from June 18  through online and in person  at the Museum Street at the Orchestra’s  rehearsal place.

The MÁV Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1945 by one of the largest companies in the country, the Hungarian State Railways, which is still the main supporter of the band with nearly 100 musicians. One of the country’s leading professional bands, its repertoire ranges from baroque music to contemporary, contemporary works.

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