“Bejgli” … Preparing for the season’s feast has started!

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In Budapest, at the Egyetem Square, the Lipót Bakery and Coffee Shop held a super press meeting, whereas the bakery invited the media representatives to taste he Bejgli with countless fillings already being underway, preparing the housewives to celebrate the season’s festive preparation!

As the holiday season approach, new products will be placed on the shelves of the Lipót Bakeries. As Antalicz Miklós – owner of Dia-Wellness Ltd. expressed, thanks to joint developments with Dia-Wellness, health-conscious consumers with diabetic and dieting foods with food allergies also found the right kind of sweetness for them. Although the joint venture of the two companies looks back on about a decade and a half, Dia-Wellness has provided the raw material for a number of Lipót products during this time, but the starting point for the new partnership was the introduction of AppleSugar. Sweetened with the use of apple-sugar, so gluten-free, milk-free, carbohydrate-reduced. Also added, after several years of development, Dia-Wellness had introduced a world-novel product for a few months, the AppleSugar, which can be perfectly integrated with refined white sugar in a healthy lifestyle, as its glycemic index is low and its production is not chemically similar to that of many other fructose, but are extracted from natural raw materials and apples. This is what Lipót observed, so they started to develop jointly, because in recent years the demand for products that can be eaten by individuals suffering from food allergies, diabetics and dietitians is growing rapidly.

Dia-Wellness –  Bejgli tasting products was simply sublime. There were with fillings that even imaginative people raised their eyebrows. The baking Bejgli itself is a routine task, and in the old days was mainly baked with traditional walnuts and poppy seeds, but  beside the traditional flavorings the 21st century  shriveled with new and new countless fillings  such as: Eszterházy slices, poppy-orange roses, rhino-chocolate cube, coconut, marzipan, chestnut, poppy-seedlings, dried plum bedded on rum, just mentioning a few. The bakery has more fillings for those interested in unique flavors. The Bejgli sweetened with AppleSugar is gluten-free, milk-free, carbohydrate-reduced.

The Bejgli originally originated from the region of Silesia and this Silesian cake has been known in Europe since the 14th century. The name of the unforgettable Xmas cake was the name of German origin, transmitted to Austria and spread in the second half of the 19th century. In Hungary, they started to celebrate Xmas by German fashion. Also known as Walnut or poppy varieties. It was initially a family holiday cake, and gradually replaced the traditional Xmas cake from the reform ages.

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