Hungarian Lodge of Masters International Cheese Guild!

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Hungarian cheeses among the world’s great Cheeselands…

365 specialty cheeses for every day of the year from all over the world welcomed the cheese-loving visitors at the Hilton Hotel’s Ballroom in Budapest. This year for the first time was the most significant cheese festival organised in Hungary on October, 28. 2017.

Ádám Gábossy director of the 1st National Festival of Cheese Festival at SZEGA Camembert Ltd. said at the opening ceremony: Q.:”Years ago we set our goal to shape people’s taste in cheese. As to our recent survey, the Trappiste cheese is close to the entire market by covering half of it, but there are many finer and finer cheeses. We would like to offer not just here at the festival to taste the most special foreign cheeses with the audience, but also to highlight the Hungarian products that represent high quality. That is why we are setting up the Hungarian Chef of the Chefs of Cheese Masters, which aims to provide professional support to the cheese makers and to introduce more and more domestic and foreign products to consumers”. Also said, 21 European countries, America and Hungary also are present with their specialty cheeses. The winners of the Super Gold – Festival Mondial du Fromage participating with more than 100 kinds of products from France.

In addition to the cheese tasting exhibition this year of sizing cheese for the second time at home with the finest cheeses in the Cheese Competition in Hungary. One of the highlights of the evening was the ceremony of the Hungarian Lodge of Masters International Cheese Guild, led by the world’s most famous cheese master.

The event is a major milestone, joining the International Guild of Cheese Masters, which has 6000 members from about 40 countries and  now founded by the Hungarian Palla. Beside the mouth-watering flavors of cheese the match wines were not missing. The heavenly wine from Tokaj, named “Angel” and the mystified  top wine from the Eger winery. Beyond the tasting presentations by László Fekete powerlifter, had set up powerlifting “cheese record”. László Jámbor – chef gave a lecture on the role of cheeses in gastronomy. Zoltán Waller – sommelier spoke about the relationship between cheese and wines were highly appreciated by the audience

It was beyond expectations, and the biggest festival of festivals in Hungary, the 1st SZEGA Fairies Cheese Festival, was completed with great success.

“365 specialty cheeses from all over the world welcomed the cheese-loving visitors at the Hilton Hotel’s Ballroom in Budapest this year for the first time to the most significant cheese festival in Budapest/Hungary on October 28th.

The Hungarian Cheese Competition Winners of 2017. were:

1st. Cheese workshop – Baracskai semi-hard cheese

2nd. Tekeresvölgyi Manufactory – Matuzsálem-14

3rd. Bükk Cheese Manufactory – Charcoal Cow Cheese

… and the Audience Award was presented to: Tekeresvölgyi Manufactory – Matuzsálem-14.

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