Body Exhibition – KOMPLEX -Budapest

Recommended for strong nerves folks.

The Titanic exhibition has finally ended her journey and sunken at the KOMPLEX on 22 hundred square meters area at District, VI., 26 Király Street – Budapest.

Never-the-less the huge building is holding another show with the BODY exhibition starting from January, 15. until July, 2018. 

The exhibition has never been to any city on this continent with such a rich exhibition material.

At the BODY show, those who are interested can discover what processes are going on under our skin, make visible and tangible the functioning of the human body. Also digs deeper into the beauty of the body, mind, and soul than any other exhibition of its kind, and the visitors will explore the entire human experience from the first breath to the last is screened through 3D animated images moving on screens and show other exciting documents in understanding better what happens inside the body during physical activity, work or relaxation.

This powerful exhibition explores life by displaying real and perfectly preserved human bodies and more over 200 anatomical specimens.

A separate exhibition presents the development of the human fetus, and the “Hungarians in the world of medical Science” is paying tribute to the greatest Hungarian scholars.

In every room, qualified medical students are answering the questions that arise, try to resuscitate the resuscitation, and expert groups hold guided tours for school groups.

The professional co-operating partner of the exhibition is the Hungarian Red Cross.

Please keep in mind that, the exhibition pushes boundaries while seamlessly blending art, science, emotion and although this might be for some visitors an uncomfortable and disturbing experience, since they can encounter directly with how the liver of a person suffering from cancer or the blackened lungs of a smoker looks like.

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