Gilmour “Guitarist Extraordinaire” – Pompeii concert worldwide cinemas!

What makes Gilmour more special among other famous guitar players is in the most valiantly humble way, he reduce the pain of your soul unconditionally by creating some mysterious extraordinary Evangelic sound and let it experience the beauty of the great peace in freedom!

Unforgettable 2 hours – Pink Floyd melodies from Pompeii – a concert by David Gilmour coming up in theaters across the country and world all over!

The world premiere at the same time, from September 14, is screened in the cinema … David Gilmour, a Pink Floyd guitarist, songwriter last July’s Pompey concert out now, featuring classics like Wish You Where Here, Shine On Your Crazy Diamond, Breathe or Comfortably Numb.

After the recording of legendary Pink Floyd Live concert in the ancient amphitheater at Pompeii 45 years after playing their with Pink Floyd in July 2016, David Gilmour returned to the Roman amphitheater and, in a tour promoting the solo album “Rattle That Lock”, gave two consecutive concerts for 2600 lucky fans. Gilmour has retained the audio-visual performance of the monumental Pink Floyd concerts, and during the concert, besides the lasers and the pyrotechnic tricks, a videotex featuring animations made for this performance, featuring a huge circular canvas, enhanced the selection of the selected songs.

The film directed by Gavin Elder, has been dubbed the double concert in over 2,000 film festivals and cinemas  worldwide in September 2017, mostly for only on one night.

In Hungary this spectacular concert movie will be screened  from September, 14. 2017.,  featured by the Pannonia Entertainment specializing in filming, re-screening film-strips and stage cinemas for stage productions.

Projection locations are the following: at Budapest: September, 15.  3 p.m. at the Corvin Cinema, at the Uránia National Film Theater – September, 15. 7 p.m., at the Csepel Cult Cinema and at the Pólus Cinema October, 13. 8 p.m., September, 15. at Kecskemét, September 15. at Pécs, at Eger – September, 1. and a number of other venues across the country, including Sopron – September 14., Szeged – September, 15., at Kaposvár – September,16., at Debrecen during September 19-27.,  at Szombathely – 20., September,20. and at Tapolca – September, 25.

Catch up with purchasing your ticket, soon will be missed. At the Budapest’s Corvin and Urania cinemas the first screenings are already sold out.

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