Get Closer Concert – Budapest Jazz Festival – 2017.

On your mark … get ready … in March between 24-26 to be at the this year’s “Get Closer Concert” organized within the frame of the Budapest Jazz Festival!

John Scofield’s – “COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN” – Feat. Vicente Archer, Sullivan Fortner, Bill Stewart, also “In Line” with the awesome Hungarian Jazz players.

March, 24. 2017. – 7 p.m. – MoMKult – District, XII., 18, Csörsz Str. – Budapest

John Scofield dominant figure in modern jazz guitar player, who saw irony typical of the new project is Country For Old Men title. This suggests that many decades and is on track to put together the songs of famous American country music show.

Richard Galliano & Ron Carter  – Domestic opening act: String Trio Vasvári.

March, 25. 2017. – 7 p-m. – MoMKult – District, XII., 18, Csörsz Str. – Budapest

Galliano Carter 27 years ago and have set up first joint productions: Panamanhattan was recorded in Paris duo album became a huge success, sophistication, elegance and ornate of thanks. Since then, more bands have worked together, but the duo’s unparalleled success now and again related to New York or Paris basing much of their first album repertoire of show.

MELING – TANGO Buenos Aires

April, 19. 2017. – 8 p.m. –  MoMKult – District, XII., 18, Csörsz Str. – Budapest

Daniel Meling just as mysterious as the tango itself. The music is at once sacred and profane, violin, accordion, guitar, double bass bow after the sonorous voice, despite the abundance of lush, unique sound of austere yet bold and dancing  through the night.

Dodi Kárpáti Private ProjectsINTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY 2017

April, 30. 2017. – 8 p.m. Venue: District, VII., 15. Dob Str. Budapest – Theater Spinoza

The Quimby rock band trumpet and troll singer known as Carpathian Doady and childhood friend, the internationally renowned bassist Paul Vasvári in 2015 founded the contemporary jazz band them. After the death of Pál Vasvári son Márton Vasvári took over the bass. The formation of an illustrious member of the jazz legend, drummer Imre Kőszegi. The music of Richard Stanislas atmosphere of a psychedelic musical instrument, the vibraphone and MalletKat-on tone paint colors. The concert should be included free of charge, but registration ticket is needed.

Kardos Quartet – INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY 2017

April, 30. 2017. – 8 p.m. – Venue: District, VII. 15. Dob Str. Budapest

The lantern-new line-up re-debut Kardos quartet musical versatility known film festival winning composer / guitarist / composer Professor Dani Kardos performing his own musical ideas formation. Creativity and diversity are characterized by music genre, in which the emotional melodies nicely combined with the characteristics of jazz playfulness, experimentation. The concert should be included free of charge, but registration ticket is needed.

Chick Corea – TRILOGY – Feat. Eddie Gomez, Brian Blade

May, 2. 2017. – 8 p.m. –  MoMSport  – District, XII.,  14-18 Csörsz Str. Budapest

Musician Chick Corea is a true icon, a living legend. The keyboard has 22 Grammy awards, composer and band leader 63 marked the fourth most nominated Grammy artist in history. Familiar with different styles of music, whether its avant-garde, bebop, jazz-rock fusion, and children’s songs. The chamber and symphonic works well for familiar landmarks. At the Budapest concert in May, will be featuring on stage with bassist Eddie Gomez famous drummer Brian Blade.

Ben Williams – SOUND EFFECT

June, 9. 2017. – 8 p.m. – MoMKult – District, XII., 18, Csörsz Str. – Budapest

The young generation of jazz artists most talented bass player, was born in Washington, DC, headed by Ben Williams with his own debut in Hungary, where like-minded with him, cutting edge celebrity candidates in the US.  The band’s second album of Sound Effect headed recorded, the Coming of Age almost everything capable of itself combine to make her the 2010’s, a jazz album worth considering … easily humming the melodies, the major mainstream predecessors respect, hip-hop and rhythm and Blues rhythms. The saxophone soloist Marcus Strickland also represent the young American frontline, and soul bands gained routine, Alex Wintz Berklee out the long-Williams quartet plays a brilliant drummer, John Davis with the irresistible groove care about.

Tickets are available on the spot at the local ticket box.

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