Badacsonyi wineries arriving – New York Palace Budapest

Badacsonyi cellars hidden treasures! 

District, VII., 9-11 Erzsébet Boulevard – Budapest

Calling wine lovers to meet the cream of the Badacsony Region wineries on Wednesday, April, 5. 2017., at the one of the word’s impressive  cafe house Budapest Cafe New York. 

In recent years, the Lake Balaton Tourinform Badacsony brings to Budapest  the winemakers from Badacsony and with great success presenting their wines for the real wine lovers and this year will be the same, heartly introducing  at the same place.

Wine lovers are welcomed from 4 p.m. to join the exclusive tastings. The event close at 9 p.m.

Badacsonytomaj,  is located in the northern part of the Lake Balaton. The region’s center  received recognition and awarded as  “The International City of Grape and Wine” 30 years ago. This year this award focus on the old wines. During the event the wine makers personally offer to fill the glasses with their fresh and great wines. This is an excellent opportunity for those interested to learn more about the local producers. From the small to the largest … from the handicraft producers to large wineries will be present and everyone is welcome to participate at the wine tasting and discuss with these professionals, directly  receive answers to their questions, learn about the wines around Badacsony. The wines presented were previously pre-qualified on blind tasting in order to present the guests the best wines of the region.

As in the past years, this year masterclasses will be going to color the event with interesting topics, speakers and exciting wines! Mind you, to attend at these gatherings there are  different prices,  at 4.30 p.m. Masterclass – Ticket price: 3900HUF. and at 6.30 p.m. Masterclass – Ticket price: 2900HUF.

On site there will be only a limited number of tickets to buy for 6900HUF. Ordering tickets through registration – – unfortunately, the site only in Hungarian language … the pre-order ticket price is for 5900HUF.

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