Herald News: “Music Train” – “Zenevonat” – Super-Concert – Budapest


February, 12. 2017

8:00 PM

Budapest Congress Center

District, XII., 1-3.  Jagelló Street

The Art Anzix Theater will be presenting the  „Music Train” – „Zenevonat” concert with the performance  of the two original members János Karácsony and János Solti of the fabulous LGT band. Also on stage together with promising singers of the young generation: Gábor Heincz Biga, Mónika Veres Nika and the session band Abrakazabra which is most often invited.

The fans will be able to enjoy the well-known hits presented by the two member of the iconic LGT band. During the show a few songs from Klári Katona’s famous melodies will be presented.

At the concert the hits of one of the most outstanding and determining Hungarian band will be played songs like the “A Kicsi, a Nagy, az Artúr és az Indián” (The Little, the Big, Arthur and the Indian), the “Annyi mindent nem szerettem még” (I haven’t loved so many things yet), the “Miénk ez a cirkusz” (This circus is ours), “Mindenki” (Everyone), “Álomarcú lány” (Dream-faced girl), “Nem adom fel” (I’m not giving it up).

Get your seat through on-line or on the spot, at the ticket office.

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