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Distinguish guest and press individuals were invited to the  Cimbaliband’s latest CD and cassette “Recycle live show at the Katlan Toni Restaurant and Mill at Veresegyház. The band’s joyful music in every inch was a superb partying.  During the evening the flavors of Katlan Toni’s  kitchen delights surely wiggled all senses of men and women.

The Cimbaliband was founded in 2006, and in a wink burst into being the favorite within the young audience of their folk based world music.

The Cimbaliband plays a mixture of modern Eastern European folk music. Also their music sources stem from different sources: Hungarian folk music, classical music, jazz, Balkan folk music, jazz and rock’n’roll… so all-in-one they are a real “multi-culti” band. The members of the band is a mixture  of musicians … Serbian – accordion, Hungarian – violinist and vocals, bassist – Roma, jazz drummer – Croatia, Swabian-Hungarian – dulcimer and guitar and above all Dóra Danics,  former winner of Xfactor – Hungary -2013, the female voice that spice up the formation. Those energies that were and are previously only fo nd in rock music has also gain a place in the folk music.

The band over the past 10  years had held concerts throughout Hungary and also traveled abroad having great success in Europe. The band was traveling in many countries, play music together with Romanian, Spanish, Serbs, Italians and from playing music together with these musicians they brought influences as a small memorial and included in the form of their music.

The Cimbaliband is an authentically clunky clash of Hungary’s folk music in style of rocky-rock’n’roll.The magical Hungarian instrument, the dulcimer and wherever Balázs Unger step on stage playing on the dulcimer is mentioned as „Dulcimer of Chuck Berry”

The band presented several songs from their new CD and the audience took great pleasure hearing their latest music.

And on the bottom line the name … Katlan Toni’s kitchen is not only covering a man, but the restaurant’s whole team. This team cooks for nearly 20 years delicious dishes which are prepared just and only with domestic raw materials. Furthermore, all the soft drinks, home-made beer from the Fót brewery. Furthermore, paying great attention to serve the worthy famous Pálinka also made exclusively for the restaurant. So if wish to taste these delights have to spear time to visit the place, cause the drinks are only available on the spot. Oh and here is some snaps as an appetizer

 Hearld News: … Those who have already heard the band’s music and  humming the songs and for those who have missed to see/hear them before, then on Sunday from 6 p.m. -7 p.m. December, 18, may catch up by visiting the City Hall Park – District, V., Károly Blvd. – Budapest.

Update snaps by Aggie Reiter

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