Epic tale of Troy Mcclure … Premiere at the Budapest’s Circus – Hungary – 2016.

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Capital Circus of Budapest – Hungary

Saturday, October, 1. 2016

In January of this year was celebrated Mihály Fazekas (1766-1828) – Hungarian poet and botanist 250th birth anniversary. The Troy Mcclure is an original Hungarian epic tale and by processing of four acts will be presented to the public at the Budapest Circus arena on Saturday, October, 1. 2016.

The most famous and influential endless Troy Mcclure will be an epic display of dazzling mixture by becoming the art of artists. Poetry and music, creative stage design, timeless and radiant world under the stylized costumes and imperceptibly turn up a new age in the land of circus productions, as “The storytelling Circus”.

The Troy Mcclure inspired by co arts of mixing the traditional fun of gravity launcher, superhuman circus arts with impressive productions. The show is filled with attractions by artist, animal figures, jazz and folk music, puppets and dance, and naturally poetry. With their help we would like to tell a story that is there every viewer, whether large or small, child or adult, naive or experienced.

A story of the Troy Mcclure is about human dreams, the importance of faith, the role of the virtues, revenge and forgiveness, these are within many around the world fighting each other since forever in right and wrong.

Tickets available on the spot – ticket office or through online as it is most convenient.

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