A special trip combined with wine, gastronomy, culture and natural values to Miskolc – 2016.

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Within the innovations together with the restorations is one of the cultural, touristic and spa centers of Hungary. Miskolc and its surroundings have many architectural, artistic and historical sights, just as well as at Lillafüred 8 kms in distance from Miskolc.

A visit to Miskolc the members of the press was introduced its cultural and the natural values. There was no shortage in rolling through the huge offers to see when as visiting Miskolc. As arriving to the city we were taken to the Chair Lift – the weather was dreadful rainy, never-the-less,  was a cool experience to be in the wildness and as they say „silence is gold” but with an occasional of birds chirping as ringing in the chair lift broke the silence. In May this year was handed over the reconstruction of the chair lift at Lillafüred. The length is 1 km. 263 meters in distance, running time back-and-forward approx. 20 minutes.  Later the sun popped out as reaching our next visit was to the Adventure Park – It is noteworthy to visit whilst visiting Miskolc, more than you can imagen at Lillafüred. From there on a short journey visited the Castle of Diósgyőr.  It is a “must see” place where the visitors are received in authentic color dressed guide to take you back in time, learn about the craft’s disease, and somewhat forgotten herbs culture and numerous interactive sessions to attend. The beauteous natural environment of the Castle of Diósgyőr is one of the most prestigious Hungarian monuments which can be found at the foot of the Bükk Mountains.  It is reconstructed up to its second floor and in the renewed spaces the medieval lifestyle becomes “an everyday place” in an interactive fascinating environment which the visitors can experience in a direct way by walking  around feeling the medieval atmosphere with interactive features enhanced by animators dressed in medieval cloths feel a bit as life that once filled the castle on its ground floor. The southwestern wing was left in its 1800s ruined condition, which was hit by a giant lightning strike.  Upon arrival been taken on a guide tour learnt that the first person to commemorate the fortress was a.k.a. the medieval castle of knights, was an anonymous person. The reign of Louis the Great in the 14th century held its golden age. From his reign until 1526 the castle was an engagement gift to six different queens,  therefore also bear the names as the “Castle of Queens”. The castle’s yard is a jousting area, now-a-days a community place for cultivating horse-riding traditions, as well as for organizing cultural programs and concerts. The nearby the heights of the beautiful Bükk Mountain is an area where the paths are signed as hiking guide „Oxigen routes” We surely experienced this beneficial effect.

Although visiting the venues we only managed to have a slice to ruts ending with a wine and dinner at the Terminus Bistorant where Peter Várvizi – creative chef  spoiled us with the most delicious flavors and with the selection of wines from Zsolt Sándor winemaker was introduced by himself and served along the dinner.

During our meal the press meeting took place  and  at  first Gabor Kiss – deputy mayor  of Miskolc welcomed the presence of the media and press  and continued Q.: ”The city’s image and attractiveness has to be thought through and plans are to be developed side-by-side. The city’s built complex environment has to be taken as one single whole within the organized events. The next EU cycle, further developments  are planed in the city. The breathtaking cave bath and spa at Miskolc-Tapolca is really a unique natural formation. One of its kind in Central Europe. On the day of our visit the Cave Bath received  the award as the „Best Thermal Spa” in Hungary. With Miskolc Pass Card the tourist can visit the Cave Bath once for free either day or by night from 7 p.m. – 11p.m. During our visit, hence to the short time couldn’t visit it, maybe on another day.

Jameson CineFest is one of the most attractive festivals of Central Europe, which will be taken place in the forthcoming days at Miskolc so said Tibor Biró – festival director and added Q.: „Since the first CineFest in 2004 the city of Miskolc organise the International Film Festival. Throughout the past years it has become  a very promising scene to  a major Central European film event. Year-by-year the Jameson CineFest attracts thousands of movie fans and visitors from around the world. Many attractive supplementary programs, exhibitions, concerts, film history workshops, roundtable discussions  accompany the nightly screenings awaits for the audience. The series of CineClassics  began in 2010. Maybe only a few know Hungary’s exceptionally rich film heritage … The Oscar winner British screenwriter  –Emeric Pressburger was born in Miskolc, legendary founder of Paramount Pictures – Adolph Zukor in the nearby premise: Ricse, the 20th Century-Fox founder – William Fox in Tolcsva (on the well-known ground of Tokaj wine region … just to name a few. The 2009 conference dedicated to Emeric Pressburger (with the participation of his Oscar winner grandson Kevin Macdonald), the 2010 workshop about Zoltán Korda was a true gem, and also the 2011 retrospective, exhibition and conference honouring István Szots and the 70 years old masterpiece Men on the Alps. The Budapest born Oscar winner Michael Curtiz‘s 70 years old  – Casablanca was also a true hit in 2012, just as the screening of Billy Wilder‘s  – The Apartment in 2013 and the Vilmos Zsigmond retrospective and master class in 2014.”

Ms. Júlia Nagy – managing director – Miskolc TDM and vice president of the Hungarian TDM Association emphasized the rich options by adding to visit  whilst staying by Hungarians and foreigner at Miskolc for visitors  to take part in the adventure of art history at the Ottó Herman Museum. Grand time to travel back in time 200 years of Hungarian Fine Art. Also spoke about Miskolc Tourist Pass Card to fulfill the needs, to make the visitors a pleasant  and remembrance stay by visiting Miskolc. The thought of the card was brought under the umbrella  within the operation experience  to develop an innovative tourism product. Highlighted many options by the use as visiting the Castle of Diósgyőr – free of charge with the Pass Card and also enjoying the 10% discount on admission fees for the programs held in the castle, furthermore, free public transportation trips with the use. A one-time free entry to 15 attractions, and get several discounts, comfortably without buying any tickets. The Miskolc Pass Tourist Card also can be purchased online aswell  through: https://www.miskolcpass.com/en#online-shop   – valid for 24h 48h 72h 120h. As the managing director of Miskolc TDM said there was one individual from Vietnam ordering through online the  Miskolc Tourist Pass Card …  Which means the online interface has no boarders. The managing director also  spoke about they are organising reach month on the third Sunday the producers craft products at Miskolc.

The Miskolc TDM celebrated with our presence its fourth birthday, where Ms. Julia Nagy – TDM manager told us when the tourism organisation was founded there were only 4 employees, to-day the number is 27 and deeply keeping in mind to serve as what, where, when to see attractions that will leave landmarks to the visitors stay at Miskolc.

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