XXI Royal Days – Székesfehérvár – Spirit of the medieval age! – August – 2016.

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Town Hall Square – Székesfehérvár – Hungary

Coronation ceremony – August, 13 – 14. 2016.

Royal Days – August, 12 -21. 2016.

In the coming days Székesfehérvár comes alive with the spirit of the medieval age!

Before the grand opening at the Festival of the King’s Days ceremony on stage Mayor – dr. András Cser-Palkovics of Székesfehérvár and Mayor – Habis László of Eger announced they both signed the document, which covers the two county towns future co-operation. The guest of honor this year celebrations the city of Eger, and plays a key role by their delegation during the ten-day event, which just began on late Friday night. Within the celebration series of events at the Town Hall Square marched the royal giant beans. At the same time while resound the Beethoven’s King Stephen Overture. Later on by both major turn on the festival lights at the city center. The light projected onto the walls tempting moving colorful comic of the medieval fair is a real-time travel.

Festival is the most important event in the historic capital city that offers real cultural delights not only for the local residents of Székesfehérvár, but also for the Hungarians arriving from other parts of the country and especially for the tourist visitors whom have never seen such a phenomena events.

In 2016 for the fourth time is built at the Ruin Garden a huge stage where for two days bringing back the medieval age when II. Vak (Blind) Béla comes alive August, 13 and 14. – 9.30 p.m. The coronation ceremony play’s director – Szikora János – Vörösmarty Theater. The ceremony play’s music composer – István Márta classical is enriched by sources of medieval music and world music motifs. The show’s choreographer – Csaba Horváth.To have an idea about the age of the Hungarian King I. Vak Béla of course need to have an overview from the history books, but actually we do not go to the theater have a history lesson, but to enjoy the actors performances. This play without having Hungarian knowledge is definitely worthwhile to go for the tourist and enjoy the sights-and-sounds

After the 2 days Festival  Royal Days theater programs on August, 16.  – 9 p.m. also at the same place at the open-air stage will host a gala concert entitled Musica Sacra, which this time Gioachino Rossini‘s famous ecclesiastical masterpiece, the Stabat Mater can enjoy by the classical music lovers. Along with the Kossuth and Liszt Prize of MeritAndrea Rost the world’s most famous opera house, the Bolshoi theater‘s – leading soloists MaximPaster, Svetlana Shilova and Petr Migunov and the more than century-old Alba Regia Symphony Orchester  . conductor – Imre Kneifel with the regional Primavera choir – conductor Ottilia Horányi and two hundred Unified Choir will be on stage. The evening’s conductor will be Béla DrahosLiszt Prize-winning Hungarian flutist and conductor.

The two-day festival is centered around St. Stephen  National Day – 20th of August one of the most important events at the historical capital.

Between August, 17-21. flowing entertainment awaiting the visitors to take part, enjoying the hustle and bustle at the XXI. Royal Days. During the evening time International Folk Dance. Rich children’s programs and enjoying the culinary travel. Fireworks closing the festive will place the crown on the Royal Days at Székesfehérvár.

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