Herald News: Coronation Festival – Székesfehérvár – Hungary – 2016.

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August, 13- 15.  2016.

9.30 p.m

(Rain day: August, 15.)

National Monument – Székesfehérvár

At the Town Hall Square a medieval city will be built in the middle of the city!

The Coronation Festival takes the visitors back in time to  the former coronation age.

Over the ruins of the former coronation basilica the visitors will be taken back in time to the scenery of the age to II. Vak Béla, bring to life to one of the most unfortunate King of Hungary … He is perhaps was the only one who did not want to be king. Far as dream of dignity, because it was a miracle that he survived at all, after command  by Könyves Kálmán blinded him as a child with Álmos his father.

The coronation ceremony play’s director Szikora János – Vörösmarty Theater. The presentation revive the last days of vision of the king’s life, showing the struggles of the blind leader of the country.

The coronation ceremony, memorials will take place at the monumental, grandiose open-air theater with modern lighting and visual technology. The nearly 900 years of coronation ceremonies interpretation with texts  evoke the coronation.

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