The XV Kuruc Day … Back to evoke the heroic age! … Tarpa – Hungary

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Community Center

25/c Kossuth Street


Saturday, May, 28. 2016.

10 a.m.

At the Rákóczi Memorial Park, cultural programs, traditional groups awaiting the region’s and tourists to join the unforgettable day by entering into the world with Kuruc demonstrations evoking the heroic age.

Throughout the day, Kuruc traditional food  originally from recipes dated way back from 1698 will be prepared to taste. Also the era’s folk attractions, arts and crafts booths, horse show, dragon boat, drums, dance, programs to entertainment the visitors.

Get the feeling of the Kuruc festive atmosphere  who  will visit  Brigadier Tamás Esze home village at Tarpa.

The Kuruc Day Festival is awaiting all visitors no matter of age … kids, young adults, families, elder folks to get into the mood of being back in the 17th century.

Just a reminder… do not miss to taste the village’s famous Golden Plum Pálinka, if you wish to taste something the unmistakable to any other pálinka, then go for it!

The event is free of charge.

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