The First Beer Festival – Hotel Gellért – Budapest 2016

Have a Happy Beer Day and Night in Budapest

Have a Happy Beer Day and Night in Budapest!

The First Beer Festival – Serfőző Pub –  Hotel Gellért – Budapest

A fine time to indulge yourselves with friends within the cavalcade of beers.

February, 19 – 21. 2016.

The event is jointly organized by Serfőző– Beer Brewer and Danubius Hotel Gellért.  The coming week-end  February, 19-21. the LIQUID BREAD, as the Hungarians call it,  Hungarian and international brewers products will be served as in a Pub.

At this first Beer Festival will be on tap  and bottled over 100 types of draft beers  at your fingertips making sure that nobody will remain thirsty. Just a hint of a few  beers and breweries …  Barbár, Blanche de Bruxelles, Bohemia Regent, Corsendonk, Floris Kriek, Delirium, Serkentő – Franzberger Brewery, Sümegi Brewery, Abbey of Zirc Manufactury, Guinness, Kilkenny, Bombardier, Primátor, Bernard, Bigfoot Brewery, Maissel’s Weisse, Csíki Beer, Fót Handcraft Brewery, Wells & Young’s Brewery, Robinson Brewery, Brewdog, Flying Dog, Oedipus, Opat, Pardubicky Porter, Postřižinské, Satan, Hedon, Legenda and many more well-known labels.

Beside the beer specialties visitors may not worry about getting hungry, cause fine delicacies of László Héjja, Head chef of  Hotel Gellért will be serving delicious dishes  during the week-end.  On Sunday visitors Beer brunch and a Beer dinner will be available and served.

International Beer Day: Friday, February, 19.  4 p.m. – Saturday,  2 a.m.  English  Beer Day, Saturday, February, 20.  4 p.m. – Sunday, 2 a.m. German Beer Day, Sunday, February, 21.  4 p.m. Midnight  Czech Beer Day.

The beer festival will not pass without a beer drinking competition. The beers compete by votes of the visitors.

Each  entry ticket goes with a beer mug  with the event’s logo. It will be  filled as  a mug of gift beer of choice on one occasion at the festival.

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