Golden Voice of Gospel – Xmas concert in Budapest 2015.

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Between Xmas and New Year’s Eve a number of special programs are awaiting for families and friends to enjoy time out, in the entertainment world in Budapest. Here is one of these nights that will be kept in mind  by many of the last days of the year 2015 in Budapest.

On December, 28. 2015, The Golden Voices of Gospel held a magical concert at the Budapest Congress Center. The Golden Voices of Gospel  held a soulful concert that knocked down a full house. Even though the concert was held after Xmas they still kept their tradition in praising their church music and other hits by giving the audience an unforgettable experience that combines to the amazing gospel of African-American culture. The New York musicians fulfilled a very inspiring and engaging evening that proclaimed about life and religion.

Their songs and performance bought the audience to a higher level, clapping, standing up, dancing and  having a happy day in loving and feeling the roots of the gospel music. Rev. Dwight Robson introduced  the Amazing Grace as the next song, by saying this is a special song for him because he heard it for the first time by his grandma singing it to him at the age of 5. The Amazing Grace was preformed with Amazing Work – Amazing Singers.  Their emotional performance moved the audience hearts and soul.

Was an evening with a must-see Xmas concert in Budapest!

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