„Ki Mit Tube” … “Who What Tube” rolls-off – Budapest – 2015.

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It’s motto is freedom and creativity!

The second year is here again to kick-off with the „Ki Mit Tube” … “Who What Tube”  Internet competition.  Heard this morning at the briefing held on the Google Ground – Budapest. Was said,  beside the nine-jury members will be expanding this year with one more individual about whom the audience will decide to be  the most suitable person for taking the board as the tenth jury member.  The „Ki Mit Tube” … “Who What Tube” is looking for the most original self-made performers. The platform door is wide open where any video production may be a hit even in the first round. All that is needed to be able to conquer a high number of folks at the Internet, through the online world.

The Ki Mit Tube – Who What Tube, will be changing from minute to minute, ongoing broadcasts will take place so the Internet viewers and the jury will be able to watch the performances. The success of „Ki Mit Tube” lies in the creative power of the Community.

The organizers are awaiting for those talented, independent individuals who are aware of that only those creators will remain on the surface who are able to form their own creative, clever video and want to show themselves and wish to meet the community taste.

This year’s competition will have two rounds. To-day was the first round and was selected the tenth member of the  jury. On August, 18., the competition begins with the productions which will run until September, 8. The semifinal and the final countdown will be announced on September, 28. with the „Ki Mit Tube -… Who What Tube” winner of 2015.

With the grand prize the winner will surely gain national acquaintance,  media support of one million HUF. one-year subscription to mobile Internet, as well as a portable Wi-Fi, hotspot sponsored by the Vodaphone …. and the cream on top of the cake he or she will travel to the States to the Google New York Space Studio offered by the Google Hungary, whereas the winner will have a chance to prepare a new promo-material on YouTube channel. For the winner to make the trip smoother the Mark Media offered an Android 3D Smart LED TV,  together with a HDR-PJ410 made video camera. The remaining 8 competitors will not leave with empty hands. Each one will all receive a one-year subscription to mobile Internet  and a portable Wi-Fi, hotspot also sponsored by the Vodaphone.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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