Discover Budapest … because it is more than it first appears to be!

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The “Under Guide” – creative travel and event organiser company held a press gathering at the Aquarium Club,  whereas the topic was …Rolling along with the „Underguide travel” is completely different from the one most folks are interested of a city to have had the experiences.

Creative travel and event organiser company.

They introduced the “Lucky 13” tour that has already organized around 10 thousand „tailored” tours in Budapest to introduce to the foreigners stay, working in Budapest to know more about the city they are traveling around in-and-out of work. More to it, to those tourist visiting for a short time to grab as much as they can in Rolling in Budapest! These tours are tailored to show the hidden treasures and those contemporary values Budapest is open to offer.

On the occasion of reaching their 10th anniversary, Under Guide decided to launch an interactive small tour, titled „Lucky 13” … I would add quickly before someone get chills, scared to death of the number 13 taking the tour, cause together with the tour guide the rolling goes along with 14 folks. So for those who are superstitious need not have to be afraid of anything.

At the press meeting these facts were told: TheUNDERGUIDE” believes that it is not the place, but the local people who make travelling such a real, personal and unforgettable experience! Their guides are local citizens and enthusiasts of Hungary and Budapest.

The Lucky 13 tour is never a ’one man show’ given by a guide. It is all about an exchange of ideas, a multitude of questions to discuss, small cheer up games and an unforgettable personal experience while you get to know Budapest and your Hungarian underguide better and better.

The departure place is from the Aquarium Club,, the most popular concert and event venue, the tour covers the following highlights of Budapest: St. Stephen’s Basilica, Design Terminal, Danube Promenade, Shoes on the Danube, Chain Bridge, Parliament, Vörösmarty Square, Jewish District and plenty of   hidden little treasures.

Besides Budapest’s captivating sights, the tour intends to highlight the small wonders that make this city truly unique. During the adventure, the underguide shares many curiosities and ‘never heard’ urban legends of the city. The goal is to show the travellers the fantastic faces and opportunities Budapest has to offer, and make them realize for sure: Budapest is more than you could imagine.”


These tours will please the local foreigners and travelers to visit the top venues. Can leave behind the language, specific interest problem, cause they can make it happen to be at the right place in the right time.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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