Latest news from the newly open Hungarian Magenta store!

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Many of people were curious  to see at the opening of the Magenta Store, the Hungarian designer brand at the Árkád Shopping Center  – Budapest.

On the occasion of the opening, the visitors and invited guests were welcomed with the no less famous “Hungária” champagne, paleo snacks, live music and exceptional price saving 20% off.

The store was open by the Magenta  designer – Ágnes Dankó. Connected to the opening Festy, the already known fashion blogger talked about the internationally coming up trends for the Spring and Summer models.

Dániel Dankó – Magenta marketing manager – organizer spoked about the concept of the Magenta Store by headlining Q.: “There is a growing popularity of Magenta’s clothing and accessories. The consumers are beginning to realize that the fashionable and feminine appearance does not have to go at the expense of quality. There were times when the “Italian” cloths were equal to be dressed a modern chic. To-day no longer the “chic” look does not have to be imported by purchasing the Magenta brands,  of course Made-in-Hungary, not to mention it support the domestic economy as well.

Update by Aggie Reiter

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