The UK Lamb duo on tour arriving to Budapest!


The electronic music duo consisting of Lou Rhodes and Andy Barlow from Manchester, England who formed originally in 1996., is back in Budapest with addition of Dorothy Lamb’s Legs and Mius will provide the atmosphere  with their latest album titled: Backspace Unwind

Don’t miss out … Track this event on Wednesday, March, 4. 2015 at the Akvárium Club on the Erzsébet Square in the Capital.

Tickets on the spot, price: 5900.-HUF

Through 2015 -2016 they are traveling in Europe and holding concerts and one of them will be this week-end at the Akvárium Club in the Capital. Over 2 years ago the Lamb gave a concert here in Budapest and then gained a lot of fans too. This time old and new fans will be awaited for a night of pleasure at their concert.

The band from Manchester are producer Andy Barlow and Lou Rhodes singer-songwriter. Their music is heavily influenced by hip hop, drum ‘n’ bass and jazz styles, which they successfully combine to achieve their electronic genre. Although Andy and Lou were the two founders of the band and the key members, they also expanded to welcome bass guitarist Jon Thorne, guitarist Oddur Mar Runnarson, and drummer Nikolaj Bjerre.

Once complete, in 1996 the „now multi cultural”-band went on to release their first self-titled album, which after success consequently followed the release of three more albums and numerous successful singles. They released a greatest hits album, named, “Best Kept Secrets”, in 2004. Although they seemed set for a long musical career, the band slowly started touring less and making less and less music, recording in studios less frequently than a band should. This let to the break up of Lamb in 2004 as they performed their last live gig at the Paradiso in Amsterdam.

After various solo projects, the band came back together in five years later in 2009. Their first performance since the break up was at ‘The Big Chill music festival’, they then subsequently went on to perform live at numerous British festivals, including, Glastonbury, Cactus Festival and Beautiful Days Festival as well as other throughout Europe.

Following this success, Lamb went on to release their 5th studio album, named, ‘5’.

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