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Upon the 25th anniversary to the Hungarian-Israeli resumption of diplomatic relations the commemorative envelope ceremony was held  to-day at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade in Budapest.

At the event, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations László Szabó emphasized that Hungary way back then was forced to break ties with Israel. It certainly has caused a lot of damage to economic co-operation and relations between the two nation. The inclusion of links then began the friendship, cooperation and plenitude of national economic interests , he added.

The Minister of State recalled on September, 18 will be the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Convention on the resumption of diplomatic relations in Budapest, without prior notice, but after a long preparation. HE – Ilan Mor – Israel’s  Ambassador in Budapest, stressed the friendship between Hungary and Israel, not just the rich common past,  based on history ,  but also on the two countries to cooperate in the future.

The diplomat explained that the flag of Israel and Hungary ont he memorial envelope has a formatted heart shape.  It shows last 25 years as a heart beat of the two kingdom of cooperation. At first this heart beat started on September, 18. 1989., on the date of admission of the establishment of diplomatic relations.  That date Israel will never forget – he said.

Polacsek Csaba – President of the Hungarian Post’s Board of Directors said that already had far more Israeli or Jewish-related issues as publishing memory cards onto the Hungarian-Israeli diplomatic relations and resumption with also to the 20th anniversary stamps which were previously issued:  Jewish art in Hungary, Hungarian Synagogues, Raoul Wallenberg, and also lately to the 70th anniversary of the Holocaust

The commemorative envelope was made in the frame of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade. It is a domestic stamp. The coupon is housed in the commemorative text and graphics, also postal and will not be marketed.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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