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Get a good start on  healthy, great-looking hair … the key to this lock is Caffeine in the hair care!


Found it all out at the  ALpecin hair treatments press call,  held at the Magnolia day spa, whereas  Dr. Adolf Klenk the Head of Research Department  – University at Jena/Germany held a  presentation saying  a few words about the research background. Q.: Caffeine is not just to keep your body fit and fresh, but upon a series of major research carried out by  Dr. Tobias Fischer – professor and his team  at the University of Jena/Germany  tested live 600 hair follicles with the effects of caffeine and found the path to give the end to the struggle of having healthy hair. To boost hair roots decrease with the effect of Caffeine hair products goes just as well for women and men.” Regarding  to the conducted survey carried out countrywide in the past few weeks on the preferences of the Hungarian population, was related to appearance, on hair care habits and upon opinion on hair loss. The survey conducted here in Hungary of 1000  individuals. It was also said that these products are available at leading pharmacy or drugstores. Last year two million bottles were sold in Germany  so caffeine must be the solution to have the boost in healthy growing hair for men and women.  It’s proved to stimulate hair roots and prevent hair loss. Was said that not only one bottle would be enough on the run to have forever boosting healthy growing hair … it is like having a cup of coffee at occasions, but these hair cares can be in the everyday’s use  or  based on ourselves regular treatment.

Quoting in brief the presentation: “It is no coincidence that more than 10% of men struggling with hair loss, 22% of Hungarian women would not date a bald man. These men would at least  give a half-year of their life to reverse the process. The research showed that men are almost as vain as women, and the morning preparation takes nearly as much time for men as for women. The research reflects that the most important factors when women are judging men, is healthy hair besides the clean and fragrant presence. So the topic of the survey was the appearance and the different aspects of the related preferences of men and women. It looked for the answer to the question of how vain Hungarian people are. The result for that question was quite surprising …  the Hungarian population is far from vain, moreover, men and women showed very similar results. While men are vain to an extent of 2.8 on a scale of 5, women reached 3 points on the same scale. It is interesting to note that there is a difference between types of settlements, which is proportional to the size of the settlement shows downward trend. While people living in the capital are vain with the point of 3.1 on a five-point scale, while in the case of the smallest villages, this number was only 2.8. The research firm also examined the time spent on morning preparation, and 4 out of 5 asked, told that they spend less than 30 minutes on preparation after waking up. In addition, women and men spend almost the same time for that.

The research shed light on the fact that Hungarian women look at the eyes of a man first, and the most annoying thing is their big belly. To the question of “What makes a man well-groomed?”, they replied that clean appearance, good fragrance and healthy tonsure are the most important factors. Furthermore, it turned out that 22% of women would  not date a man who is bald, and 30% of them told that it has an effect on their first impression if the man is bald. The issue of hair-loss is significant for men too, as after being overweight, baldness is what bothers the stronger sex the most in connection with their physical condition. The list continues with erectile dysfunction, other illnesses and fatigue. The research shows that baldness is a determinative issue considering social life, since one in 10 men has issues in their private life because of hair-loss, maybe this is why 13% of men struggling with hair loss would devote at least half-year of their life to reverse the process. According to the results of the research, baldness bothers men the most between the age of 18-29 and between 50-59. And 44% of men believe that the most important factor causing hair-loss is stress. This figure is followed by hormonal problems and vitamin deficiency. However, the main true reason behind the baldness of men is Testosterone, since the Testosterone-excess during puberty causes the facial hair to grow, and (in the case of hereditary predisposition) the activity of the hair roots of the scalp decrease. The growth periods of the hair shorten and the life of hair roots decrease.  ALpecin tries to offer a solution just for this issue with the effect of Caffeine,which counterweights the negative effect of Testosterone and this way copes effectively with the causes of hair-loss,  for those men, who struggle with hair-loss, may change their lives in the future.”  

Last year two million bottles were sold in Germany  so caffeine must be the solution to have the boost in healthy growing hair for men and women.

After the presentation, the Magnolia Day Spa – Budapest enchanted the invited guests and press representatives to a couple of demo  treatments. The spa crew was absolutely kind and attentive. wonderful experience!

Updated and snaps: Aggie Reiter

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