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Rolled over to Debrecen to be present at the press call announcing details to the forthcoming Campus Festival 2014. Let alone, it is still in its teens, yet a significant entertainment festival in the North-East part of Hungary.

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Lajos Kósa – major at Debrecen welcomed the media representatives and opened his talk by going back to the year 2009 in recalling the time when the festival’s venue was moved from the Vekeri lake-side to the city’s Great Forest (Nagyerdő). Later, in 2011 became the major cultural event at Debrecen  in the line of festivals. In 2013, sixty thousand guests arrived to the Campus festival. This year hopefully this number will double  itself. The major was pleased to say the festival’s venue is dressed up with the new sport arena which went through a complete reconstruction, as well as the park’s forest. Boating on the lake with frogs croak filling the air can be also a timeout possession to the festival goers.

Péter Miklósvölgyi – festival director, said during the festival at the campus festival more than 200 events will take place. Visitors arriving to the  festival are welcomed by local, domestic and international productions of all sort of genres of music. The festival covers approximately 20 acres, whereas  theater, cinema, sports, humor, art, poetry, kids corner and gastronomy will be for all age at the fingertips to visit. Also added it is highly important that  the festival has finally found the ground a permanent location to arrange such a multiple event. From now on they can focus on inviting a number of performers, let alone the sponsors and visitors to join the festival. One of the highlights of the event will be performing and celebrating its 25 yrs. on stage the „Tank Trap” (Tank Csapda) Jubilee concert on July, 26. 2014.

Zoltán Szilvássy – rector – University of Debrecen added that this year, around 180 square meters of extra space was established by the University for the purpose  who wish to get into the science world during the festival. The University Square will introduce spectacular experiments … here is just a hint  … the flaming rocks and many more will catch the eyes of the festival visitors.

Upon the end of the press gathering followed the “grand” competition  between the invited sporty and musician members. Athletes and musicians pulled on their boxing glovers, of course theoretically in a competition named:  „ Game without no borders”  whereas their strength, their skills, stamina was needed. The  first competition was a challenge of „Beer tapping” . Then came the car “Wheel replacement” on a Polski Fiat 500 made vehicle, following the Slalom with the football and after the excitement came the laughter by the end when musicians, sport  athletics invited folks went into  “Blowing bubbles”.

So first things first … the two musicians from the Tank Trap band” Laci Lukács and Sidi undertook the „beer tapping” number, but when it came to timeout Attila Vajda – Olympic champion canonist was the beer tapping winner. Then came the Polski Fiat 500 made vehicle’s wheel change event. For the musicians took a little over six minutes to change a wheel. The measured time of replacement did not really have had come any close to the timing in the stables at the circus of Formula1. Of course there was a little twist in the job … the screws, screwed them up a bit. Here, too, namely Balázs Ladányi –  hockey athletes was the winner in that particular challenge. Not only has the ice-hockey puck, but he also has the touch to handle the screws properly … preformed better.

At the football  Slalom venue, two girls ventured, Kitti Kudorhandball player DVSC-TVP, undoubtedly handled the ball with great experience. Odette  – singer volunteered for the job, as she said before the match, many years ago tried to get into playing football. Both girls did well to tip the ball. Here Kitti Kudor led the football first into the net.  The day’s last „challenge” was to how big and far the colored soap bubbles can be led away. So by the end the happy-go-lucky game took part  with all the sporty and musicians being back in time as in their childhood era and having fun. Beside the individuals in the competition, others from the both teams as observers were present: Musicians:  Szabolcs Papp – Super No, Wolfie – Punnany Massif and Kowalsky and Vega musicianAthletes: Norbert Michelisz – Motorsport racing,  Eva Risztov – Olympic champion swimmer, Agnes Szilagyi – DVSC TVP handball player, Tibor Dombi – DVSC-TEVA football player. 

Was a fine day, not just  the weather was in favor, because by the end of the programs dark, heavy clouds surrounded the area and later shocking rain poured not just at Debrecen but throughout the country.

 Most probably those who will take part and time to be at the Campus Festival will enjoy every minute , see what the Campus Festival at Debrecen  has come up to for those rolling in Debrecen.

Unfortunately, there is no English link at the Campus Festival’s web page. Only an option to visit: … good luck!

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