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We all have one heart that is beating the same no matter of somebody’s practise of religion, nor color of skin.

The motto of the Jewish Fair was to show, draw attention to peaceful coexistence through the Jewish culture exciting programs.

Indeed after the previous year’s Kazinszy Street Fair to-day was a huge  gathering. As many may know in the past there were kosher restaurants, cafe, pubs, cake shops and the street has come back to its original venue lined up for visitors to ease their hunger and thirst, since this day finally turned into the real summertime weather with hot…hot…hot tempreture above the 30’sC. In the narrow street it become around to be in the 40’sC m or higher especially in the sun. The Street of Kazinszy was full of visitors to be present whereas Hungarian and Israeli music hit the streets with a multi-venue showcases. At the three major venues, were established and developing artists, featuring musical performances, latest well-known singers sharing the stage.Was a movie tent where many could wander back in time and see classical comedy artists who are long gone ahead, but where the highlights int he comedy business, just like László Kabos etc. Kids were really anxious in getting themselves painted with henna painting. Young and adults played tough matches at the table football. The Klezmer Band was highly appreciated and welcomed with cheers.

The Cari Mamma’s Kosher Pizzeria, worthwhile to visit on another day as well.  Their pizzas were simple heavenly, kind service and  fresh on the way to your table from the oven baked on open fire. You won’t be disappointed at all.

The size of the football gate was as at the real match 5 x 2 meter and the kids just couldn’t been taken away from their kicking the ball.

Approaching to the Football World Cup was a great opportunity for smaller and younger kids to give the goalkeeper goals, which brought them great joy. Maybe they will be the future’s Hungarian Ryan Giggs the Welsh football coach and former player.

Hungarian and Israeli music hit the streets with a multi-venue showcase of over 100 performers.


Wonderful Day with Wonderful People coming by. All programs at the JUDAFEST was free to enter.

Update, video and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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