After the main rehearsal on April, 18 …. now to come on May, 18.  the Grand Gala Evening at 4 p.m.

Aranytiz – House of Culture

District, V. 10. Arany János Street. – Budapest.

A unique sound and visuals arts receptive audience to be seen on Sunday, May, 18 at the Aranytíz – the House of Culture, which holds its arts gala organized by the association of  the “MOVE” for the fifth time!. The healthy and disabled artists come across the stage: They have only  observed each other’s work from far distance. The special event is designed to show something unique, to provide the healthy and disabled artists in music, song, poem, or even within the common language of the dance form. Performers including Katalin Pitti, László Tahi-Toth, Leslie Szabó, Dani Torres, Teca Krizbai, Bernadette Vágó, György Lang, Laszló Benko – Omega Band  keyboardist and the grand pianist – guest of honor: Silvia Kárászy will be highlighting with their presence the Gala Event.

The famous artists excitedly preparing for the Integrated Arts Gala, which has never been seen nor heard performances by any audience. The love and emotions will not only be spreading throughout the stage reaching the audience will most surely reach the ray of love within the disable artist performances.

The evening under the patronage of: RADNAINÉ DR. FOGARASI KATHARINE, President of the National Heritage Institute

If your lucky enough tickets may be purchased for 600HUF on the spot, but since it has become a very popular event to be,  most probably have to be quickly cause there are only a few available.

See previous update of the “MOVE” event of April, 18.2014. :


 Update by Aggie Reiter

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