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Motto: “We are flying in the spirit on the wavelength to brighten up the day and to make the stars shinning brighter with songs and dances”

A press conference call was set up to learn about the forthcoming Gala Show to be held on  Sunday, May, 18. 2014.

“Aranytíz”  House of Culture

District: V., 10. Arany János Street – Budapest.

Talented artists from our country once again will take the stage, including healthy and disabled dancers, singers and performers.  This kind of event has become a tradition already, thanks to the Association of the MOVE and of course the art-loving public presence! The healthy and the disabled artist are going to meet to prove there is the togetherness between each other. During the evening’s performances the beside the  co-starring member the legendary László Benkő –  keyboardist  – composer from the Omega Band, Ádám Szabó – singer – pianist, Pa-do-do – group, Leslie Szabó and Dániel Torres –  duet, Teca Krizbaia – blind singer, Bernadette Vágó – musical actress – member of the Operetta Theater will be on the stage. Experience the live wheel chair  – Rolling Dance Ensemble performance, Anna Napsugár – signal dancer, Daniela Ivanova – wheel-chair singer and many more artist to come. The evening’s guest of honor will be Szilvia Kárászy – excellent pianist who will contribute and make sure all at present will have an amazing time. This year just as in the previous year  the organizers goal was to prove  in front of the audience, that the artists have no boundaries and also they are just as important and worthy of esteem than anyone else’s.  During the press presentation witness how much talent lies in the disable individuals of what we daily do not even think about. Szilvia Kárászy and Mário Jánoki – blind singer – previously participated at the Andrea Bocelli international talent competition presented a duet song written by László Benkő for this special occasion and we were the first to see – hear this production. Ticket price to the Gala Show will be a symbolic amount  600HUF which will provide the visually impaired members of the association t. to join on the tandem bike ride around the Lake Balaton. “- said dr. Marianna Talos, – the MOVE –  Chairman of Association  said at the press  conference, that the admission fee will be a symbolic amount, which will provide the visually impaired members of the association  to join the ride on the tandem bike ride around the Lake Balaton. The main sponsor of the event is the Aranytíz Cultural Center, which provides the venue and the performers clothes  and Green Culture fashion company. So at the premier the audience going to the show will see by their own two eye and hear superb voice in the air and most probably their jaws will fall.

As mention in the previous updated  …  at the end of the show all the artists will form a choir and sing along the well-known song the Oh Happy Day.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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