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This week-end hitting two birds with one stone …what a coincident … two venues having Cheese Fairs in Budapest. So no need to squeeze the enthusiasm speaking about the soft, hard, round, aromatic, pitted popular dairy products when the cheese is discussed. Here mention the venue to take place at the Whale Center – Budapest. The Whale actually will be a very cheesy event, promises to be entertaining as well as tasting, not to mention the Spring have knocked on our door. The weather, venue and tasting all sorts of delicious food will higher the event.

The organizers, in addition to a special craft beer is made ​​for the festival. Aquarius, called India Pale Ale is a Belgian Trappist Chimay yeast was 8.2% lager specialty. The hop floral, slightly fruity flavor is added to the typical beer trappist beers strong scent and taste, which can be tasted by the visitors for the first time at the Cheese Festival.

The three-day culinary festival, free admission, as well as the first one thousand guests are invited to taste the Toulouse fruity cheese soup cooked on the spot.


Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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