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Venue: Budapest Congress Center

District XII., 1-3. Jagelló Rd.

A preliminary recommendation …  as we turn into the month of November wish to roll attention now to the forthcoming 2013  year to its end  and saying goog-bye to the old year by the world-wide known 100-member Gypsy Orchestra concert on December, 30. 2013. This year will be the 18th year in a roll to be held the hundred member gypsy orchestra’s their farewell  magnificent concert at the Convention Center in Budapest.

“The worldwide unique “Hunded Member” Gypsy Orchestra was founded in 1985. Those establishing the Orchestra aimed to unite the best of the famous musician dynasties and to ensure a place and workshop for them, their offspring and other talented young musicians. Saving the traditions of Gypsy and Hungarian folk music, the survival of classical folk music through performing it within the repertoire are among the main goals of the Orchestra. These outstanding musicians and first violins, thanks to their high qualification and the everlasting beauty of Gypsy music.”

The 30th of December in Budapest is known  date as the Festival of Music-and-Wine which is held as an annual event at the Budapest Congress Center with the performance of the 100 Member Gypsy Orchestra. “The two-part show includes famous tunes by Strauss, Rossini, Khachaturian, Brahms, Bizet, Liszt and Tchaikovsky as well as folklore tunes interpreted in the special and unique instrumentation that characterizes the “100 Members”. The concert, lead by  “Buffo” Sándor Rigó, ends with the obligatory The Lark, Radetzky March and Offenbach: Can-can. The specialty of the event lies in the folklore show and wine tasting which takes place before the concert and where the audience gets the chance to meet the best wine-makers and taste the best wines of Hungary. Guests seated on the ground floor can enjoy the concert of the 100 Member Gypsy Orchestra next to a tasty dinner or the snacks and wines on the spot. Program starts at: 6.15 p.m. with wine tasting and a folk dance show. At  7 p.m., part one of the concert will heard: Khachaturian – Sword Dance, Brahms – Hungarian Dances No. 5, Hubay – Wavering Balaton, Erkel – Hungarian Court Dance, Brahms – Hungarian Dances No. 6, Monti – Czardas, Horváth –  Gipsy Fire, Unknown composer – Cimbalom solo, Rossini -William Tell Overture, Berlioz – Rákóczi March. At 8 p.m. during the interval more wine tasting will be out for the audience. At  8.20 p.m. part two dinner will be served  and the concert continues with music from: J. Strauss – The bat – overture,  J.Strauss – Long live the Magyar!, Brahms – Hungarian Dances No. 1, Tchaikovsky – Waltz of the flowers, Liszt – Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2.”

To be able to purchase tickets for the night, roll over to one of these websites: www.jegymester.hu , www.jegy.hu

(source  and photos from www.szabadter.hu)

Updated by Aggie Reiter

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