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 Sunday, October 27, 2013 – Athletic Center – Margaret Island – Budapest 

Today, the Hungarian rugby league team had their first home sorting match and unfortunately, were beaten by the Greek Rugby League team in 90 – nil.

Sunday’s sunny weather was absolute in  favor to the rugby game first premier in Hungary.  The folks interested in the match,  even though the Hungarian team was in lack to win, had the opportunity to learn about the rugby game and this is certainly a good sign for the future to show the young people this sporty game and may feel for to get into this sport branch.

I do not really wish either to embellish or underestimated today’s rugby match, but the Greek team had miles in advantages ahead with the 8 expanded players from the great Australian Rugby Team. That was one major effect which led them to victory.   It is also true that the Greek team broader experience, players provided an excellent team works that brought the final positive results for them. By all means the 2-times 40 minutes was a fasten training for the Hungary Rugby team.  At the end of the first half the score was 42 to nil.  At the end the Hungarians were defeated to 90 – nil. Even though two foreign players, one Aussie bloke: Farkas from N.S.W. Rugby League and one from the Paris Rugby League: Csapó, strengthened the Hungarian side  but couldn’t beat the experienced Greece team with majority of aussie guest players. Farkas with Number 6, looked much for me as a lifeguard from Bondi Beach, but he sure had the run and the touch for the ball.

During the break, the Girls Rugby Team, consisted of  multi mixed-team players from Szászhalombata, the Elephants and the Székesfehérvár women’s rugby club team. They gave a promotion of a 5minutes demo match.

As it was said at the press conference the other day … the association if for nothing else, but with this coming match wish to show and draw attention to the existence of rugby league and hopefully as a successful five-ringed team members will go out on a rugby league match with the trained rugby young individuals …  as for me I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

The series of shots taken at the match shows more than words would say and hopefully many will recognize their favorite  players from near and far. The video was tapped and upload for those who were present to see and keep the good memories alive:

Update, snaps, video by: Aggie Reiter

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