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One night in Budapest … One night celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Phantom of the Opera … One night at the Madách Theater!

In the morning hours at the Hungarian State Opera House in Budapest a press conference was held by Mr. Tamás Szirtes, director of Madách Theater to announce  the 10th anniversary of the forthcoming major show:

Phantom of the Opera!

 Well the Phantom comes-and-goes,  in-and-out of the Opera but always arrives back to the Madách Theater in Budapest.

Over the past 10 yrears the Madách Theater have had been having around the Phantom of the Opera. Most probably one of the successful piece of entertainment of all time and now here in Budapest coming out with an extraordinary anniversary show.

 No surprize by saying the Phantom goes on-and-on to entrance audiences all around the world, with jaws dropping, breathtaking special effects scenes brought on stage by the musical of Mr. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera.

There has been dozens-and-dozens of productions worldwide since it was brought on stage,  and here in Budapest it  has been rolling along  ten years, 700-times with full house at the Madách Theater. The musical was also on the road in 2007 and reached its audiences in 13 cities throughout the regions in Hungary, these were the first thoughts by  Mr. Tamás Szirtes, director of Madách Theater. Continued … quote: „This 10th year anniversary will hold an evening on stage that will be a blast in so many ways.  The actors and creators will be together under the roof at the 10th anniversary night with a one night  anniversary performance not to be missed.”

It was in the year 2003 when the Madách Theater presented on May, 30 the musical of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera. The Phantom „arrived to Hungary” 17 years after its premiere. This piece of musical deeply wrote itself into the chapters of the History of Musicals. It was Mr.Tamás Szirtes who for the  first time had the honor to present the musical in his own processing performance.

On the anniversary night, the cream on top of the cake will be bringing on stage one unforgettable duet from the very first cast by Ms. Linda Király and Mr. Zoltán Miller. At the end of the show, a superb performance will fill the air with the presence of Ms Eszter Horgas flutist and Mr. Adam Szabó accordion musician playing  phantom variations  by their own emotional  way.

Mr. Tamás Szirtes was also pleased to say, quote: „This summer, on July,13. the Phantom of the Opera will be brought under the evening sky at the Open-Air Theater in the City of Szeged. Even though not yet brought down the overall of performance, but  probably it will be a concert version only. I§m  having deep hopes that in the future the application will arrive to Szeged and a complete Phantom performances will take place. The main roles will be presented  by Mr. Sándor Sasvári, Ms. Barbara Fonyó and Mr. Gábor Bot.”

Previous and present actors, design creator were also present at this morning’s press conference. As the word was given to the first previous performer, he started recalling with the number of years within the presence of his life of the Phantom of the Opera then after, each-and-everyone involved in a way or another in the musical started with the numbers of years. The eldest  recall went back to 25years ago, the „youngest” to be playing in the musical” hasn’t yet years to recall, saying he will be born only next week performing at the 10th anniversary show.

The director’s closing words were quote: “On the jubilee evening all those being in the previous casts will take the step ont he stage, and the performers in the roles will hand over and continue each other’s acts and songs.”

So, overall this particularly 10th year anniversary will be a  one night in the Opera with the Phantom.  Looks like to be not an average showtime in Budapest,  and most probably not far by saying, it’s going to be a unique  world sensation performance with the previous and present performers being  in the same time on stage.

Tickets are available to purchase on the spot at the Madách Theater

District VII. 31. Erzsébet  Blvd. – Budapest.

By calling on daily basis: 10 a.m.-12.30 p.m. and 1 p.m.-6.30 p.m.

+36 1-478 2041

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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