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The success was repeated  on April, 27. at this year’s Fighters’ Run in Póstelek – Hungary

The town of Póstelek lie close to the City of Békéscsaba which held the Royal Vodka Fighters’ Run competition. After last year’s major success, brought it alive again this year for the second time and held the Grand Fighters’Run International Competition. Compared to the last year’s figures more than extra 100 entires arrived to the organizing team led by Mr. Attila Vozár. This year there were more than 800 ‘Warriors’ out on the uneven rocky, climbing the rope, vehicle tires, running through a hunted castle, muddy, icy, electricity, smoke and fire,  “enjoying” the hit of the cannon water shot field to start their run  on the 7 and 14 kms. The competition was tight and extremely tough similar to the military or not too far from saying the physical „SWAT” team training. Among the competitors participated a couple of grand sportsmen like Mr. Imre Pulai Olympic champion canoeists, Mr. Krisztián Palkovics previously member of the Hungarian hockey team, Mr. Peter Kropki the former Ironman. The „Battlefield” was inch-by-inch carefully constructed and more to it the nature also made it harder for the competitors to fight against the boiling sun and the thirty something  celsius degree in the shade.

The eldest competitor was the 62 years-old man Mr.György Kláben, who  ran through the whole distant int he 7kms. race.

The top three winners on podiums were: The winner in the 7 kms individual run was Mr. Balint Mester (X2S HaibikeTeam) trianonist was pretty much in disadvantage on the run, but kept on the hard race and after all crossed the finish line at first. Quoting his words: “When I had to climb a rope, I did not know what will be on the other side, thought just to climb down on the rope will come, pretty much surprised me when I saw there is nothing on the other side. I felt down and then lost about  half-a-minute. At that point I told myself I have to win, I can win.”

Last year’s winner, the athlete sportsman from the City of Békéscsaba Mr. Victor Dobra finished the race in the second place. Quoting his thoughts after the race: „Unfortunetely, I ran myself out at, in  the castle. This year it seemed to me the muddy field  area was longer than the last year one and I just kept on losing my breath.”

The 7-kms third place went out to the Ethiopian Mr. Ashenafi Erkolot live to surprise in this race.

Quote: “I was not really enlightened as to what is waiting for me out there. Thought it is going to be a comfortable 7 kilometer run.  You can imagine how I felt when I suddenly found myself face to face with the first obstacle. Of course did not turn back. What an experience, one adventure after another. Twice I lost my shoe at the water jump. Luckily I found it in the middle of the swamp, and if this wasn’t yet enough for me  had to survive running through  electricity shock wave. Finally passed it over  and the other extreme obstacles,  so that was the first race of mine at the Fighters’ Run and the shock of my life.” Asked him after hearing him expecting a lovely run in the woods. He from Ethiopia where and since when he practised is running skills. Quote: „I was 6 or 8 years-old when I started running. There ain’t too many options for sporting in Ethiopia. Ran every day kilometers-by-kilometers.  I live now in Hungary for 6 years and awaiting receive my Hungarian citizenship. Have family here already, a 5 years old little girl.”  He said his Hungarian is far from good but he is trying day-by-day to learn more-and-more the Hungarian language. As he says, it is a very hard language. Well, if he will „train” enough of his Hungarian like he trains himself in running then there won’t be any problem for him speaking fluently in just a short time.

This day was tough in many ways as mentioned previously and on the bottom line wish to congratulate to Mr. Attila Vozár who had a dream to fulfill and bring on the field the at Póstelek the Fighters’ Run International Competition and all the organizers helping hands.

Last but not least congratulation goes out to all those individuals who participated in this competition. Without them there wouldn’t have been any Fighters’ Run competition!  There were young couples, married pairs both in the running field and it was such a delightful seen to have seen parents and grandparents cheering for their family members. Well done indeed. Lovely gathering and hopefully not just for the viewers but for racers will be a day to remember.

Her are the Final Result with their names deserved to be printed:

7 kms Men Individual:1. Mester Bálint (time:30’15”), 2. Dobra Viktor (time: 30’30”), 3. Ashenafi Erkolo (time: 32’42”)

7 kms. Women Individual: 1. Pörneczi Kata (time:42’09”) 2. Urbán Anett (time: 44’19”) 3. Soós Helga (time: 45’21”)

7 kms in Team: 1. X2S – Speedcross Team (time: 34’29”) Oláh Bence, Mester Bálint, Sipiczki Csaba, Kovács Zsolt

2. Hungarian Defense Forces – MH Ludovika (time: 36’01”) Gangel Marcell, Kiss Attila, Szalai Dániel, Kelemen Csanád

3. Counter-terrorist Center Békéscsaba – TEK Békéscsaba (time: 39’09”) Asztlos Zoltán, Virág László, Legoza Zsolt, Tóth István

14 kms Men Individual: 1. Tóth Ádám, 2. Nagy Gergely, 3. Schmidt Zoltán

14 kms. Women Individual: 1. Poór Brigitta, 2. Szentpéteri Diána, 3. Kaló Szilvia

14 kms in Team

1. BBU Extreme Team: Stépán Zsolt, Tóth Viktor, Nagy György, Soltész Tamá, Kuncz Gábor, Farkas László

2. Hungarian Defense Forces -MH 54-es: Avar András, Vass Tibor, Kolonics Tamás, Török Krisztián

3. X2S Xterra: Tóth Viktor, Dezső Sándor, Szabó Tamás, Andrási Ferenc, Bagyinszki Balázs.

 Hats off  and salute to all the men and women racers participating at this huge superhuman ordeal!

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