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City Park surprised the visitors on May, 1. 2013!

First of May is a National Holiday in Hungary, So, there was time to go out enjoy the possibilities offered by the nature. The City Park indeed offered so much attractions, food, entertainments, relaxing hard after the hard weekdays. The weather skipped the Springtime, never-the-less was a G’day to feel the warmth of the ray as the sun shined in our early summer weather which suddenly blasted in. To-day the Metropolitan Grand Circus also wished to take part within the pleasure, to share with those walking by to see two stars, two elephants participating  in the Circus Maximus show brought alomng from Italy. Both were taken out of their tents at the Metropolitan Grand Circus, to roll along the City Park in Budapest, to greet the folks rolling by. A kinda “sightseeing” tour for them and the folks out there. unfortunately, one of the elephant didn’t count on such a huge number of audience and perhaps got totally scared, so the planned long stroll around the building of the Széchényi Bath and Spa Budapest at the City Park had to be shortened and soon taken back to their tent, their “homeland”. Acrobat artists dressed in beautiful costumes were out as well.

Director József Richter  Metropolitan Grand Circus and  dr. Zsigmond Kriza  Executive Director MACIVA Nonprofit Ltd.  wished to bring a sample of the show with the two elephants, to show what goes go inside the huge tent at the Metropolitan Grand Circus. So visitors are kindly awaited not just for to-day’s show but to see more just  take a couple of steps to the  Metropolitan Grand Circus and be present at the breathtaking show brought to  the young age and not so youngones b  the unforgettable Circus Maximus from Italy.

Update, snaps, video by Aggie Reiter

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