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You just walk into a trendy bar with friends and there are dozens-and-dozens of alcoholic beverages on top of the shelves. What could Strongbow Gold Cider do to become your must-have drink? Well soon many invited guests who attended the early evening’s party on Thursday, April, 25 at the Trafik Bar and Restaurant soon found out what Strongbow Gold is all about, as they got aquantied with the latest special refreshing cider drink which worldwide has launched by getting famous. For the first time was introduced only in Hungary the special ingredients of the  flavor of honey and apple, both origins from the fields of Hungary.  The fresh new flavor with its 5% of alcohol gave more to the sparkling flavor, cool and enjoyable. Indeed the brand not only came out with a new flavor, but also a new idea with its apples with honey. On the spot ideas, thoughts of the next Strongbow flavor were around  on the top list. Many advised to have the next Strongbow flavor with honey and pears. The bottle’s design also worth a word or two with its unique label design and the colors of gold and black really caught the eye. By-the-way the invited guest to this party were asked to wear outfits colored gold-and-black. Some outfits were also outstanding.The fresh new flavor with its 5% of alcohol gave the sparkling flavor more enjoyable. Indeed the brand not only brought a new flavor, but also a new idea with its apples with honey. Based on the Hungarian consumer feedback the Strongbow cider’s sweet taste was to prepare a feminine refresher. We were told this special taste hit the nail of a 1940s jazz song in America, which inspired the beverage makers to create the apple-honey combination. This cool jazz movement  inspired our country’s well-known DJs to prepare three new piece of music, including Ms. Julia Carpenter, Mr. Chris Lawyer-Bricklake and Mr.Lotfi Begi, keyboard player in the band  called: Compact Disc, (Last year, in 2012 they represented Hungary at the Eurovision Song contest.) So the three of them introduced their own remix version to that oldie jazz tune. The composed composition will soon be available on the website . Besides the Strongbow cider, Dj’s music was in the air and the Renaissance of new combinations in fashion also had an impact, with Ms. Kata Szegedi award-winning fashion designer‘s latest collection  which were all inspired by the cider.

Spotted standing around the Bar two persons who  rang the bell for me,  looked just like the Blues Brothers. Told them  and right away asked them to pardon me, not was my intention to make fun out of them and they both bursts out laughing and the little  shorter person said,  he ain’t as fat as Jake Blues, but told them their height and the black hat surely is a great reminder. So they posed, laughed and kept on tell their friends around them they were called the Dutch Blues Bothers. see the happy-go-lucky guys in the slide show.

Wish to have a cool cider in the coming heatwaves of this year’s summer in Budapest, no need to think twice wear your steps will take your. Visit the Trafik Bar and Restaurant at  District V. Hercegprimás Street Budapest  for  the latest Strongbow Gold.

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter

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  1. Posted by Chris on 01/05/2013 at 10:15

    Strongbow ciders have always been very popular in my country which is Australia but in recent times they have grown new legs through a strong marketing program and are the market leaders here….Nothing more refreshing on a hot day than a chilled Strongbow’s no matter which variety satisfies your palate….Enjoy !!!!!…..Chris

    • Hello Chris … The bow of the Strongbow has arrived to Hungary and pretty sure when soon the temp. will climb up the ladder to 40C it will be more preferable than the great wines and Pálinka from Hungary. Thanks for sharing the your thoughts on Strongbow from Dowunder … Cheers 🙂

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