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From July, 22  until August, 11. 20 13.

The City of Gyula within its festival offers so much entertainment and by itself is in a way unique in Hungary.

Get ready to spend, enjoy the sights-and-sound during the weekdays or splash into a great weekend  filled with programs tailored for families, joining friends whether locals, arriving from other regions of the countryside, from over the border-side or  foreigners working, staying in Hungary to pick and spend an unforgettable time at the Gyula Festival in Hungary.

Need no rush, there are still weeks ahead for planning a schedule to visit the City of Gyula, in the mean time here is a wide scale of programs to screen in the frame of the series of events to be celebrated on the 50th anniversary of the Grand Gyulai Festival. Also   keep in mind to carry out reservation for a longer stay at one of the city’s ten 4stars hotels, apartments.

The Mayor of the City of Gyula Mr. Ernő Görgényi and Mr. Gedeon József Director Gyula Castle Theater invited  the media representatives  to announce the series of this year’s summer programs coming ahead at the 50th jubilee season at the Gyula Castle Theater. The press call was held at the backstage of the Városmajor Theater in the Garden Cafe & Lounge in Budapest.

As it was said to pass on …”You are invited and welcomed to the City of Gyula, where the longest festival for 7 weeks will take place during July, 22- until August, 11. 2013.

As the representatives of the City of  GYULA continued, they offer a marathon of entertainment for the duration time of 7 weeks  whilst  the Gyula Festival takes place. There is no place in Hungary, where within the length of time there is so much of various entertainment to see, also hop over to relax at the natural hot mineral spa of Gyula, watch performances at the open-air amazingly beautiful  Castle of Gyula, viewing its pond washing the bricks of the castle, just like a middle age castle should have and another inviting fact is their manufacturer of specially produced „Gyulai” sausages. Most probably for many locals and especially for the foreigner individuals in Hungary will be a blast to visit, stay at Gyula when the performances of the Shakespeare works will come alive by the performing companies.

Saturday, June, 22. – 8.30p.m.

 The 50th Season official opening ceremony in front of the Castle of Gyula

9.30 p.m.  Jenő Heltai: The Dumb Knight  – Castle’s lake stage. Admission free. In the leading roles: Armand Kautzky, Nikolett Molnár, Claudia Lugo  Botond Barabás, Ferenc Karczag. Directed by: József Kiss. Performed by the Szigligeti Theater of Szolnok.

Sunday,  June, 23-11 a.m. The 50th season at the Gyula Castle Theater. Conference, presentation at the Town Hall.

8.30 p.m.  The 50th Anniversary – Gala Night with the participation of acclaimed artists  Castle’s  Lake stage – entrance fee:2,000HUF.

Monday, June, 24. – 8.30 p.m.  József Katona: Bánk bán – Castle’s lake stage,  entrance fee:1,500HUF, 2,000HUF, 2,500HUF. In the leading roles: László Mátray, Levente Nemes, József Kolcsár,  Gyöngyi Pál-Ferenczi, Mihály Kőmíves, László Szakács, Gizella Kicsid, Tibor Pálffy, Mátyás Pál. Directed by: László Bocsárdi, performed by the Tamási Áron Theater of Sfântu Gheorghe (RO). 

Friday, June, 28. – 4 p.m. XIV. Körös Basin Multitude – Around the Castle – admission free –  Southern Great Plains folk art Festival, handicraft fair, folk music and folk dance  – VII. Cross-border All-arts Festival –  Gala program of the VII. National Dance Festival for Children.

Saturday, June, 29. – 10 a.m.  IV. Körös-basin Multitude  – Around the Castle area, entrance free: Southern Great Plains folk art Festival, handicraft fair, handicraft contests,  folk music and folk dance, programs for children, fairground comedy throughout the whole day.  Also VII. Cross-border All-arts Festival –   II. Folk dance contest of Békés County children.

8.30 p.m. Békés County folk dance gala  – Castle’s Lake Stage, admission free.

Sunday, June. 30. – 10 a.m.  XIV. Körös-basin Multitude  –  Around the Castle area – admission free – Southern Great Plains folk art Festival, handicraft fair, handicraft contests,  cooking and tasting, watching the scones contest, folk music and folk dance, programs for,  fairground comedy throughout the whole day. VII. Cross-border All-arts Festival.

July, 4 – 15.  The IXth Shakespeare Festival, at Gyula – 2013.

Hungarian and foreign theatrical performances, dance, music, films, conference, gastronomy – during the Festival Shakespeare’s cuisine will be served at the Patrióta Restaurant.

Friday, July, 5. – 8.30  p.m. W. Shakespeare: Hamlet  – Castle’s lake stage, entrance fee:1,500HUF, 2,000HUF, 2,500HUF. Rain date: July, 8. In the leading roles: László Mátray, Tibor Pálffy, László Szakács, Levente Nemes.  Directed by: László Bocsárdi.  First night: Joint performance of the Gyula Castle Theater and the Tamási Áron Theater of Sfântu, performance by Gheorghe (RO).

July, 6-7. – 8.30 p.m.   W. Shakespeare: Hamlet  –  Castle’s  lake stage, entrance fee:1,500HUF, 2,000HUF, 2,500HUF. Rain date: July, 8. In the leading roles: László Mátray, Tibor Pálffy, László Szakács, Levente Nemes. Directed by: László Bocsárdi. Joint performance of the Gyula Castle Theatre  and the Tamási Áron Theatre of Sfântu Gheorghe (RO).  

Monday, July, 8. – 6 p.m. Sonnets and Songs by W. Shakespeare  –  Small Concert Hall, entrance fee:1,500HUF. Performing: Veronika Sena Dagadu, Albert Márkos, Samu Grillus, Hunor G. Szabó, Balázs Vajnai/VJ Lee Unflyable.

Tuesday, July, 9. – 8.30p.m. Presentation of  The Tempest in French. Castle’s lake stage. A great success at previous international Festivals. Entrance fee:1,800HUF.

Wednesday, July 10. – 8.30 p.m. The Tempest by W. Shakespeare – Castle’s lake stage , entrance fee:1,800HUF. Directed by: Irina Brook. Performance by the Compagnie Irina Brook (FR)

Thursday, July, 11. – 6 p.m. „Countertenors, or What You Will” Love songs written to Shakespeare’s words  – Small Concert Hall,  entrance fee:1,500HUF. On compositions by Purcell, Liszt, Haydn, Schubert, Williams, and Porter. Performed by Birta Gábor and Nicholas Clapton (GB) – countertenor with the participation of: József Balog on piano.

Friday, July, 12. – 8.30p.m. Rereading Shakespeare – Small Concert Hall, entrance fee: 1,500HUF  – „All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players” – A selection from Shakespeare’s works. Performed by Emil Boroghina (RO).

Saturday, July,13. – 11a.m. Shakespeare conference at the Mogyoróssy Library, admission free. Shakespeare performance by guest performers from abroad.

Sunday, July,14. – 6p.m. Shakespeare and Ádám Nádasdy – Small Concert Hall, entrance fee:1,200HUF.  A discussion with the poet and literary translator. Multiple prize-winner at the Edinburgh Festival, an unusual performance of motion, songs, recitation  and music.

Monday, July, 15. – 8.30 p.m. Songs of Lear – Small Concert Hall,  entrance fee: 2,000HUF. Directed by: Grzegorz Bral. Songs performed by The Goat Theater (GB-PL).

Tuesday, July, 16. – 8.30 p.m. VI. Literary Humour Festival – Castle’s stage, entrance fee:2,000HUF.  With the participation of: Zoltán Egressy, Éva Farkas Wellmann, Krisztián Grecsó, Zsolt Koppány Nagy, János Lackfi, Sándor Muszka, Ádám Nádasdy, Szilárd Podmaniczky, Anna T. Szabó, Csaba Székely, Attila Végh. Host: Tamás Tarján.

Wednesday, July, 17. – 8.30p.m. Opera from Ferenc Erkel: László Hunyadi – Castle’s lake stage , entrance fee:1,800HUF, 2,000HUF, 2,500HUF. Rain date: July,18. In the leading roles: Adorján Pataki, Tony Bardon, Árpád Sándor,János Szilágyi, Ibolya Vígh, Zsuzsanna Bazsinka. Directed by: Szinberger Sándor. Conductor: József Horváth.  The performance by Hungarian Opera of Cluj Napoca (RO).

Friday, July,19. – 4 p.m.  Exhibition opening on the occasion of the 50th season at the Castle’s Theater Small Concert Hall. The exhibition can be visited until the August, 10.  admission free.

8.30p.m. Carmina Burana BalletCastle’s stage. Choreographer: Tamás Juronics A performance of great success by the Contemporary Ballet from Szeged. Entrance fee:1,800HUF, 2,000HUF, 2,500HUF.

Saturday, July, 20. – 7 p.m. XXII.  Gyula Castle Jazz Festival – Castle’s stage Featuring: Miles SmilesA concert in memory of Miles Davis by former musicians. Members of the ensemble: Wallace Roney, Joey DeFrancesco, Omar Hakim, Larry Coryell, Rick Margitza, Ralphe Armstrong] (USA), Ferenc Snétberger, Gyulai Big Band, Janka Vörös e-Series. Entrance fee:4,800HUF. Jazz-Blues season ticket:6,800HUF

Sunday, July, 21. – 7p.m. VIII. Castle Blues Festival – Castle’s stage. Featuring: Eric ”Guitar” Davis (USA) and Luca Giordano Band (I)Chicago Blues,Muddy Shoes, Sonny And His Wild Cows, Borsod Blue Trio. Entrance fee:3,500HUF. Jazz-Blues season ticket:6,800HUF.

Monday, July,  22. – 6 p.m. The little rooster’s diamond half-penny – a fairy playCastle’s stage. A performance by the Jókai Theater of Békéscsaba. Directed by: János Greifenstein. Entrance fee for children up to age 14: 1,500HUF. Entrance fee for adults:1,800HUF.

Wednesday, July, 24. – 6 p.m. Sándor Petőfi: Hammer of the Community – a comedy for all age …-120  Castle area. Performed by: Tamás Gál and András Bodonyi from the Csavar Theater (SLO). Entrance fee for children up to age 12: 1,200HUF. Entrance fee for adults:1,500HUF.

Thursday, July, 25.  – 6 p.m. János Arany: The Gipsies of Nagyida – a comedy for age from 10-120 years old. Castle area, entrance fee for children up to age 14: 1,200HUF. and entrance fee for adults:1,500HUF. The comedy is performed by: Tamás Gál and András Bodonyi. A Festival award-winning performance by the Csavar Theatre (SLO).

Monday, July, 29. 8.30p.m. Madách Imre: The Tragedy of Man – Next to the Castle,  entrance fee:1,800HUF. Rain date: July.30. In the leading roles: Zsolt Trill, József Varga, Magdolna Vass, Nelli Szűcs, Attila Kristán, József Rácz, László Tóth, Viktor Ivaskovics, Andrea Kacsur, András Kacsur, Natália Gaál, Ildikó Béres, Viktória Tarpai, István Sőtér, Ibolya Orosz, Melinda Orosz, Sándor Krémer, Imre Szabó, Attila Ferenci. Directed by: Attila Vidnyánszky. A performance by the Illyés Gyula Hungarian National Theater of Berehove (UA).

Tuesday, July, 30. – 8.30 p.m. Day1. A world-famous town: Gyula – through the writings of László Krasznahorkai. Reading Theater at the  Ladics-house. Rain date: August,1., entrance fee:1,800HUF.

Wednesday, July, 31. – 8.30 p.m. Day2. A world-famous town:Gyula – through the writings of László Krasznahorkai. Reading Theater at the  Ladics-house. Rain date: August, 1., entrance fee:1,800HUF.

Friday, August, 2. – 6 p.m. discussion on the 1566 siege of the castle of Gyula. Admission free.

Announcing the winner to the first prize-winning play of the drama writing competition on defence of the castle of Gyula in 1566.

8.30p.m. Tibor Zalán: The Torch Dies Out – Castle’s stage Directed by: Imre Csiszár. Rain date: August,5. World premiere at the Gyula Castle Theater. Entrance fee:1,500HUF, 2,000HUF, 2,500HUF.

Saturday, August, 3. – 6p.m. – Zoltán Wodianer-Nemessuri: Mercy – reading theater Castle’s stage, admission free.

August, 3-4. 8.30p.m. Tibor Zalán: The Torch Dies out – Castle’s stage. Directed by: Imre Csiszár. Rain date: August,5. World premiere of the Gyula Castle Theater. Entrance fee:1,500HUF, 2,000HUF, 2,500HUF.

Sunday, August, 4. – 6 p.m. András Nagy: The Last Place – reading theater, Castle’s stage. Admission free.

Tuesday, August, 6. – 8.30 p.m. János Székely: The Governor of Caligula – Castle’s stage, rain date: August,7. , entrance fee: 1,500HUF,2,000HUF,2,500HUF. In the leading roles: Gábor Nagypál, Attila Király, Tamás Fodor, Rémusz Szikszai,Krisztián Kovács, Zoltán Tamási, József Tóth, Zsolt Fekete, Ádám Varga. Directed by: Rémusz Szikszai. Joint production of the Theatrical Base of Zsámbék and FÜGE.

Wednesday, August, 7. – 8.30p.m. Contemporary Hungarian Drama – reading theater, With the participation of the Ladics-house. -Entrance fee:1,800HUF.

Thursday, August, 8. – 8.30 p.m. Concert of the 50-year – old Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra – Castle’s lake stage, entrance fee:1,800HUF, 2,500HUF, 3,000HUF.  Guest soloist: Erika Miklósa, opera singer. In the program works by Brahms, Britten, Liszt and Mozart. Artistic director: János Rolla.

August, 9 and 10. – 8.30 p.m. Magical, Mysterious Tour with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band … from the Strawberry Field to Penny Lane –  Castle’s  lake stage, entrance fee:3,000HUF, 4,000HUF, 5,000HUF  rain date: August, 11. A musical fantasy play from the songs of the Beatles – Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr. Hungarian lyrics and framework play written by, and play directed by: Tibor Miklós. Performed by: Peti Puskás, Ernő Kiss, András Zentai, László Vecsei, György Szomor, Heni Dér, Anikó Nagy, Béla Pavletics, Lóránt Nagy, Eponin Miklós. 

Festival’s tickets will be out on sale  starting in May through on-line service at the Gyula Castle Theater’s homepage: www.gyulaivarszinhaz.hu and www.shakespearefesztival.hu

Chief Patron of the Gyula Festival 50th season’s anniversary are: Mr. Zoltán Balog Minister of Human Resources. Dr. Ernő Görgényi  Mayor of Gyula. Chief supporters of the 50th season of the Gyula Castle Theater: Self-government of Gyula. Ministry of Human Resources, National Cultural Foundation, OTP Bank, and the MTVA media.

Update and snaps at the press call by Aggie Reiter

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