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A full day to the Far-East without taking a flight to China.

Sunday was the day, February,10. the Asia-Pacific and Hungarian artists, acrobats, musicians, athletes, games, prizes, sport activities awaited the visitors who joined together to welcome the Chinese Year of the Snake in other words: the Lunar New Year Festival.

 At the Millennium Park Hungarians  and the Chinese … staying, living in Hungary came  together to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year by a full day of outstanding events and evening show

“To celebrate here in Hungary the Lunar New Year ain’t a secret … our aim to create a tradition. In addition to the entertainment  for the audience, we would like to draw the attention to the cultural diversity and the better understanding of the Hungarian Society of migrant communities” These were the opening words said by Mr. Marcell Lőrincz, President of the Foundation of Subjective Values.

Here are some of the stands that were visited: The Corvinus University and the University of Szeged and the ELTE Confucius Institutions represented themselves with calligraphy education, spreading the Chinese culture and language teaching on educational levels. Competitions and lucky Chinese knots bonds were highly appreciated by the visitor. Those interested to which Chinese animal was standing in the year of their birth, received information and also a card telling them what is typical in them related to their year of birth.

Throughout the day, several times the lion dance was preformed inside area of the Millennium. Was a stand to introduce the Chinese tea culture, also tasting and shopping the unique flavors of the Far East.

Breathtaking exhibition was out on display with  photographs taken in the beautiful land of China. Also interactive cultural activities, Kung Fu competition to win the Cup of Champions took place. Ping-pong tables were available for young and old to get into the mood and rhythm of the outstanding Chinese ping-pong style, playing with the Hungarian Ms. Rita Pócsai double-champion and ten-times go and table-tennis champion Mr. Csaba Magyar was such a thrill to young and elder folks. At the tennis tables the Master Chin-Wei Csiu, Mr. Zoltán Varga, European champion in table tennis were awaiting to be called for a set. For the young ones origami courses were held. The master of calligraphy art Zhang Wei glimpse into the world  for telling kids some  Chinese children’s stories.

Must  say, the most popular and visited space was to get acquainted with/in some level of the traditional Chinese medicine. For many visitors it was the first time to hear and to try in practise with the support of the Chinese experts on the spot some tests and methods mapping their health conditions. Of course, there were many individuals who already have heard, known, been to these natural healing centers here in Budapest and for them it was like an advance training to hear more and precisely to gain information of the level of their health condition.

During the day Dr. Chen Zhen, professor of medicine and President of Central European Association TCM held several presentations for much to enjoy. Each-and-every gathering at his lecture room was full like herrings in the tin. Dr. Chen is an outstanding precentor, so well delivered his sophisticated knowledge in Hungarian language. His Powerpoint presentation was so clear like looking through the sparkling window. At the end of his presentation people from various trade got a hold of him and asked several questions, advises connected to implement in their daily professional work. Also Dr. Chen publications were  available and held  book signing after his presentations  Many who already had his Book of Natural had the pleasure to get it signed by him.

The festival came to the end  with  the show of 35 famous Guangxi Acrobatic Society. Most sure it was an unforgettable awesome show.

The Chinese legend says …”The more abundant the New Year’s feast is, the richer will be the New Year. Therefore, in grand preparation  takes place for the New Year, after cleaning the (pans) cooking’s must be continued.”… haaa … tell me about it.

To-day the Snake probably enjoyed his welcome and hopefully we will also enjoy his presence throughout the coming

Year of the Snake.

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter

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