Zoltán Lázár

Saturday was a long day, but worthwhile to be where and when the major sporty event took place. The day was all about beautiful horses and their superb riders.

Not only in Hungary, but the interest  from abroad … may I say … worldwide had a major attention focusing to the ongoing 6th OTP Bank Equestrian World Cup here in Budapest.

Who didn’t make it to „ride over” to  the London’s Olympic Game 2012, may haven’t felt  they missed the highlights to be able to see the world’s best  riders throughout the coming 2 days.

The world’s top equestrian athletes, equestrian sportsman and celebrities all showed as to make one of  their best days of the year for the audience and of course for themsleves.

Saturday morning, began with the Driving the Junior World Cup featuring the pony coach riders. An enjoyable, excellently prepared show was out to see.  

Early afternoon,  continuing the day’s show with the prime time section, an exciting and awesome western  attractions rolling along with folks wearing costumes of Indianstyle, settlers and a superb show with  twenty line-dancers in a row tapping their feet on the dancefloor. Now if that wasn’t enough came the  “Hungarian Stunt Evolution”  along with the independent stunt team on-above-beside seven horses, giving the audience a to hold back their breath while watching the wild-west-end coming alive at the sport  arena.

The Ride & Drive – Audi Cup Tournament …  6 p.m.

team of the Ride and RaceA snap of the group of competitors after the drawling to their start race.


Szöllösi didn't lose her horse she is still on the race to reach the car to show her horsepower!

Could not have been missed of the one of the most exciting races of the day! The line of attending olympicchampions: Gábor Balogh, eight-time world champion, nine-time European champion, the Olympic silver medalist pentathlete, Leila Gyenes, modern pentathlon world champion and other well known persons as: László Juhász jr. stunt, Theodore Kunkl, Thai-boxing world champion, János Martinek, two-time Olympic, four times world and European champion pentathlete, Tibor Pinter, actor, director, producer, Artistic Director at the English Horse Theater, Györgyi Szöllősi, Hungarian Television, Channel M1 news announcer and “The Evening” editor, presenter, Miklós Ungvári, Olympic silver medalist and three-time European champion in Judo.



Lorenzo meeting the press

The Flying Frenchman, Lorenzo is the real example of  amazing horsemanship!  

His concept: “Live your Life with passion!

After the press meeting had a short talk with Lorenzo.  Asked him: “Knowing you have 30 horses,  how can you deal with them at a time?” Quote: Lorenzo: ” I was fascinated by the sight of horses when I was 6 yrs.old. I only started  performing when I reached my  teenager age. I realized, a man lives with his horse. It’s a unique experience of partnership. Obtaining by his instinct alone. It has to be a complete  relationship of understanding. Man and horse must have the  partnership between each other. The horse feels every single thought of  the rider, if they are together as one then the horse will do whatever the rider wish  to achieve. I train with them every single day of the year.” Don’t they get tired? “They never get tired, they have more energy than me myself.”  Having 30 horses in the stable, isn’t it hard to keep in mind all their names when it come you take them for training? “No not at all, I know each and every one of their names”  Can you tell me the names of the  wonders you will be coming out this evening?  Lorenzo putting on a wide smile said: “Yes, why not” So here  are  the names of the horses he brought along, with whom he will carry be doing the show on each dayof the event at the László Papp Sport Arena.  I think it is worthwhile to at least hear their names that aren’t probably heard too often, but  sure deserves to be known: “ROUBIA-RAIANA-RAIVA-RAIVOSA-XL-VIDO-ATLAS-ANTARES-SARA-ZAMRUCA-GINIA-XERINE”A couple of minutes before 8 p.m. the Sport Arena lights went off and the quiet was “so loud” in the  whole stadium awaiting for the Flying Frenchman, Lorenzo to enter the sandy ground with his eight horses, the white beauties. I can imagen many in the audience held their breath watching the sophisticated horses and the feeling the vibes in the air. It seemed the white beauties controlled Lorenzo! Unbelievable, knowing the horses don’t have the human’s brains, they absolutely behaved  the way a man-to-man talks to them. Breathtaking performance which I believe everyone there will cherish this evening’s memory  for a lifetime.

Watching Lorenzo with  his beautiful horses it was perfectly clear to see on both sides they all enjoy what they doing. The audience hearts just blew away. He brought the performance unique into our world. Suppose not just the full arena’s audience adrenaline grew higher-and-higher but most probably Lorenzo and the 8 beauty’s adrenaline heights beat the top as well.

Lorenzo’s concept of life: Live from the passion! What we have seen gave us the proof  and  absolutely convinced all of us of his concept! Here is a short video to taste  Lorenzo’s and his eight beauties awesome show at the 6th OTP Bank Equestrian World Cup of  December, 1. 2012 at the László Papp Sport Arena:


Big and small MUKI

… The two mascots,

…  Muki, the big and Muki, the small,

… were out rolling along the sidewalks and paths in the arena,

… stopping by, greeting the kids with alittle cuddle here and a little cuddle  there,

… the kids simply loved them.

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter

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