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Hungary’s one of the biggest event of the year is the real harvest festival held at the city of Szekszárd. This goes for four days with also multio-arts out as well. I’m not far from being wrong saying when in Hungary anyone mentions the word Szekszárd, immediately rings the bell of its smooth, delicious red wines.

Now, for one night Szekszárd’s Lajvér wines rolled over to  the  Mix Club, a cosy place with modern elegance at Budapest’s district VI., Eiffel Square  by bringing to introduce, taste their eight wines, which are so characteristic of its region’s nectar.

A  brief video presentation was shown of the brand new winery which have had been brought under shelter with the aid from the EU.

A superb  out-and-out contemporary, modern, avant-garde dance show highlighted the evening  presented by Mr. Zoltan Grecsó dance artist and his partner. See snaps.

From one tasting to the other, Ms. Agnes Herczeg wine expert, took us on wine tour to the valley of Lajvér.

“A drop to California  in the Valley of  Lajvér  …  A brand new winery,  with the appearance of the Avantgarde Lajvér wine has brought a new color on the palette to the Szekszárd wines. In just a  twink or two  it burst into the public consciousness.

During the evening  the winery’s white, rosé, red, siller, and four red wines were  presented to be tasted.

The evening’s first wine to be tasted was the 2012 Cuvée Blanc  (Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Cserszegi spice blend), which pulsating the life of Paris,  elegance  and lightness. A true cosmopolitan, fragrant, a  fun- fruit-bomb!

The following was a very fresh, clean,  primeur rosé. This wine is a very promising and  exciting taste.

The next one was the “siller”,  a barrel sample based on the kadarka, gave a feeling of a spicy and exotic taste.

Last but  not least came the “reddies”…  which were  full of  fruit blending, rich red and blackberry. As was told a real everyday wine. There is only one problem, if it can at all be called as a problem … HAS NO NAME!   The winery has in mind to open a competition to find  the perfect names to their perfect red wines.

The executive, Mr. Gábor Beni said as introducing their wine from  the Lajvér Valley: “The goal was to create a California-style wine in all its aspects. It is displayed in the basis of quality and technological level and with its style of the wines. The fruity fragrance, rich in flavor, full wines from the Wine territories. The traditions and characteristics provides the perfect base. So from now on “wine lovers” needn’t have  to travel to California’s Napa Valley, to get that outstanding, rich in taste because the domestic shelves will also  hold  all the packing material and style of the wines in the international format. Look for the Szekszárd editions and especially the brand: Avantgarde Lajvér Wine.

The evening was hosted by Mr Sándor Nagy, popular media presenter.

Thanks to Red Lemon Media for the invitation, had a splendid evening and hope this update targets those who are  interested in good Hungarian wines. So keep your eyes wide open!

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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