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If it’s this Thursday … then it’s ArtMarketFair in Budapest!

Budapest opened its wide door to its 3rd ArtMarketFair.

November 8-11, 2012.

Millennium Park ’B’ Building, District II., 16-20 Kis Rókus Street – Budapest

Whether coming for a day or visiting throughout the four days the entry is free of charge!

What does it mean contemporary art in 2012?

We know what it meant to a common person in the early 20th century, but hopefully many may know by now in the 21st century much more since the boarders to art are wide open than ever.

The ArtMarketFair  is a place for visitors to experience the art, craft and a great way to learn more about the objects, which you see mainly at the galleries!

The ArtMarketFair’s director Mr. Attila Ledényi, opening words were: “There is indeed a need for contemporary art to be brought upon surface”. Continued by saying: ” Last year there were already foreign exhibitors, but as time past by and the Fair’s arts and artists grew wider by brining regional significance it will be a scene to be worthwhile visiting.” This is the place not to be missed for those individuals, locals and foreigners interested in the Central and Eastern European artists and about the „Art” itself and where it stands in the World of Art in the year 2012.

Of course, needn’t have to say, Eastern Europe gave two excellent artist to the World of Arts .. .just wish to mention their names: the extremely fine Jewish artists  Marc Chagall (born:Vitebsk, Russia) and Mark Rothko (born:Dvinsk, Russia). Speaking about Eastern Europe, Hungary has the largest Synagogue in Budapest not only in Europe, but on our globe, but if the New York’s Synagogue has been renovated and in service operating after it’s roof went on fire, many years ago, then the Budapest’s Synagogue is the second biggest in the World.

The Art Market wish to host events, provide opportunities to meet, to exchange information and ideas with amazing local and international talents.

Mind you … the ArtMarketFair is not just a showroom. It provides the opportunities to meet, to exchange mutual ideas, information with amazing local and international art talents. It is both artistic, social and coorporate events to get to know interesting and enjoyable form of the contemporary fine arts which are constantly growing upon surface. There is also an awesome opportunity for those visitors who fall at a glance with one of the piece of art, because artists sell directly on the spot to the public.

This year’s ArtMarketFair’s theme for many be a bold choice … one of the main element of the program, art from the Central and Eastern European region. This year the fair is concentrating on two highlights… one is the Jewish identity and culture, the other one is focusing on to-day’s art from Cluj.

There will be round-table discussions along with artist from Israel, giving an overview of their art case, as they don’t address themselves in placing their Jewish identity in the works. They rather take themselves as being as a part in the world of artists and presenting their artworks at the world’s art markets. While on the other hand, the Transylvanian artists, the ”Crossing Cluj” are reflecting on their own experiences, the current political, social and their past historic events which had influenced their arts. It is both artistic, social and cooperate events to get to know interesting and enjoyable form of the fine arts that are showing up in the World of Arts.

The organisers of the Budapest’s Art Market has high hopes the festival is based on firm grounds and will also be the scene to get acquainted, advanced with the sophisticated art here in Central and Eastern Europe, where many people will be interested to discover the art trends of our decade.

The ArtMarket organizers thought about fulfilling every minute of the coming 4 day’s Fair … As previously mentioned there will be round-table discussions under the label „Inside Art”. Also the „Art-in-Fusion” program held by foreigner artists, musicians, book launches, fashion designers whom are temporary staying in Hungary. In the evening after the fair close its doors another will open for the public to unloose at the „After Bar” while enjoying concerts,  listening to the Chalaban group from Morocco and to watch the Russian performance of the Wattican Punk Ballet.  On an another night, the spotlights will be turned on the catwalk. A fashion show, starring the collection of Ann Tuan (Vietman), Tamara Barnoff (Georgia) and Arghavan Shekari (Iran) will go on.

Those visitor who come along with their children may take them to a free art educationroom. It is served by the Budapest’s  Fine Art Museum’s professionals. The children can spend their time at the „Children’s Corner” „fiddling” along at educational activities while their parents go for the Art Market.

Before I post this update, wish to mention just a couple of  Hungarian artists, exhibitors  at the Fair without completeness …

Ari Kupsus … Founded in 2009.The gallery’s goal is to support young talents, give them a chance to reach a wider international attention with their artwork, whether they are local or artists outside of Hungary. Represented artists: Ms. Nadya Hadun, Mr. Michael Milburn Foster, Mr. Gábor Nagy, Mr. Máté, Ms. Beáta Székelyi, Mr. Yan Yeresko.

ERDÉSZ … Founded in 1992. The gallery was opened as a family company in the heart of Szentendre. The gallery is working along with avantgarde artists from the ’20s. Also with artists from the European School, photographers from the ’30s. The gallery regularly participates at International Fairs. Throughout the past 20 years attended at exhibitions: Art Cologne, Art Paris; Palm Beach, New York Art Fair, Budapest Art Fair, ArtPLACC at Tihany, Art Market Fair. Represented artists: Mr. László Lukács (awesome glass artist), Mr. Tamás Dobos, Mr.István Regős and Andy Warhol (yes, not misprinted!)

BERGMAN … Founded in 2012. The contemporary art gallery is based at  the „Eurocenter” Shopping Center. represents classic contemporary artists and emerging talents at the same time. Represented artists: Mr. Attila Mata, Mr. Marcell Németh, Mr. Tamás Szabó. Mr. János Fajó, Mr. Kai Berfgman and Mr, Tamás Baráz.

WHITECONCEPTS … founded in 2009. The Whiteconceps focus on conceptual art and an interdisciplinary-based exploration of various media. Its mission is also to cultivate and exchange among artists and patrons about ideas concerning international contemporary art. Represented artists: Ms. Sara Berti and Mr. Andre Wagner.

Péter Botos … glass artist. Peter Botos has been creating compositions and statues by working with different glasses since 1977. He creates individuals objects, as designing and forming original professional and sport awards. He is rolling on the roads towards glass sculptures. The glass artist is using the peculiarities of optical glasses and techniques, by enriching goemetric abstract forms.

MONO: Established in 2006. Become one of the key of players of the Hungarian contemporary art scene. Beside the tradiotional media on vedeo art, installations and art projects are of their interest

noMade … founded in 2009. The gallery’s motto  and aim is: „artists sell artists”, presents them with contacts to artists whose activities are important for their means. Represents artist: Mr. Márton Romvári.

Léna and Rosedlli … founded in  2008. An International Contemporary Art Gallery. Represented artists: Mr. Csaba Fürjesi, Ms. Bianka Dobó, Mr. László Lakner, Ms. Diana Kingsley, Mr. Ramon Pereira, Júlia Winter .

… And to continue the list of all the participants would take ages .., so I’ll skip it now.

Coming up …  introducing in brief  the foreigner artists at the Art MarketFair in my next update.

Update and snaps from November, 8-9. by Aggie Reiter

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  1. Thanks like your ART-MARKET-FAIR 2012. – BUDAPEST Rolling in Budapest


  2. Thanks like your ART-MARKET-FAIR 2012. – BUDAPEST Rolling in Budapest


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