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Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, a  gastro lover, make your downtime uptime in the following 4 days from to-day!

Celebs took a visit to Mexico, at least to taste the great  cocktails prepared by the Hungarian world champion bartender’s  El Jimador tequilla cocktails

 and also  had to show their skills on the target shooters to win  a bottle of the fine  tequilla.

 Enjoy dozens-and-dozens of expertly selected fruits, distilled to become as the finest Hungarian pálinka to be served to the local and foreigners visiting at this year’s 6th Pálinka and Sausage Festival in Budapest!

Believe me or not you can eat imaginatively the mouth-watering,  absolutely all Hungarian  food  without spending a fortune. These are  all prepared in the traditional manner just  in front of your two eyes.

When we talk about eating,  we think about three main sections, as to eat in, eat out,
eat away. Here at the top of the buda-hilly side you can forget the eat-in time and go for the remaining two options.  What is to eat without having a nice snip of some of the great pálinka or having amazingly rich in taste of wines from the finest vineyard plantations in Hungary. Probably, not all know, in the way back times there were active volcanos  throughout the country. To-day, only stands the remain of the volcanic soil  and the vineyards on these soils give the special taste of the wines that nowhere else on our globe can be found. That’s what makes them so special!

Now not forgetting of what this year’s Pálinka and Sausage Festival is about … this year as the guest of the festival Mexico is in Town with its  unique tequilla and food that are the most popular mexican “wraps”  to  eat day-after-day.

Oh, and beside yumming all day long, eating original Hungarian and Mexican food, especially hopping  by the “Menzel Mexican Restaurant” is a worthwhile,  something to keep in mind. During the afternoons and when the sun goes down, there are live concerts for all tastes to feed your ears. To be there you can get your daily wristband pon the spot with the unlimited admission for that day, or get your 4 days pass which also includes the typical in shape and size of a real traditional Hungarian pálinka glass. It is yours  for good, as to remind you of the “holic” time you spent with your hubby, family or friends at Budapest’s  greatest timeout of the year.

Opening hours for your daily ticket: Thursday and Friday  2 p.m.  Saturday and Sunday  noon.

The gate is open until 2 a.m. except on Sunday when the Pálinka and Sausage Festival goes to sleep for another year!

Here’s a list of the musicians and artists to be heard and to dance the night away for those weekenders who wish to also lend their ears for good music:

Thursday, October, 4.  –  7 p.m. Sena  –  9 p.m. Random Trip Pálinka Special

Friday, October, 5.   –  5 p.m. Anselmo Crew  –  7 p.m. Bohemian Betyárs –  9 p.m. Szili és a Newgie boogie

Saturday, October, 6.   –  5 p.m. Folk Free  –   7 p.m. Analog Cuvee + Krsa  –   9 p.m. Szilvási Gypsy folk band

Sunday, October, 7.   –   6 p.m. Hot Jazz Band   –  8 p.m. Zséda – introducing: Pianist and Me.

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter

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  1. Posted by Chris on 08/10/2012 at 08:55

    I’m wondering how many people who took advantage of the four day pass went to work on Monday…!!!!!!…..


  2. Traditional Hungarian street food from the Festival:

    Thanks Aggie!

    The Csöppentő Team


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