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Throughout Europe on the 4th of October,  adjusting to the GMT the W!ZZ Air in Hungary held a media and press gathering to announce their new baggage policy designed to eliminate the excessive number of bags carried onboard, overcrowding aircraft cabins. The airline also announced that the expected savings of this new policy will be shared with all of its customers. handheld baggage Rules. The new regulation was described by Mr.  József Váradi, CEO at W!ZZ  Air Hungary.
Mr. József Váradi began his intro by giving the latest overview of the W!ZZ AIR activities during  the period of this year  in Hungary, by saying the following: “Wizz Air is the largest low-fare, low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe and operates a fleet of 39 Airbus A320 aircraft from 16 bases with 256 routes connecting 81 destinations across 29 countries. At Wizz Air a team of 1,500 aviation professionals deliver superior service and very low airfares making Wizz Air the preferred choice of over 12 million passengers in 2012.” Continued his presentation saying: “When it comes to low fares Wizz Air knows no half measures! Wizz Air is announcing its new and innovative cabin baggage policy after a successful trial confirmed that more onboard space and cost savings are achieved when passengers bring less large bags into the cabin. With the vast majority of passengers willing to bring smaller bags on board we are now the first European carrier to eliminate a chronic problem in the airline industry faced by all airlines, but, even more important for consumers, Wizz Air is again pioneering in delivering lower fares by passing on the cost savings in the form of discounted fares for all passengers. We leave it for high fare airlines to tackle their costs by raising fares and levying unavoidable fuel surcharges while Wizz Air passengers will continue to pay only for the services they use. Today we encourage our passengers to travel smart and bring only a small bag on board. To pass on the expected cost savings we are immediately discounting by €5 all fares available for booking under the new cabin bag policy at”
It is such a pain when suffering of delays … the offloading of cabin bags and inconvenience due to the lack of space caused by too many large bags will hopefully reach the end of delays. During a successful trial on Wizz Air’s London-Katowice route   from the beginning of August, the onboard environment on the test route clearly improved with passengers bringing 20% fewer large bags into the cabin. This innovation resulted in a better onboard experience, helped in maintaining Wizz Air’s on-time performance and overall contributed to increased efficiencies.
So the good news beginning at the 4th  of  October, 2012. whereas the passengers booking Wizz Air seats. This policy does not apply to flights operated by Wizz Air Ukraine (WAU). Large cabin bag and checked-in bag are subject to additional fees)for travel from October ,24th and onwards can travel with a free small cabin bag (up to 42x32x25cm) or pay a 10€ online fee to bring a large cabin bag (up to 56x45x25cm) on board. Goods purchased at the airport after security (an important source of revenue for Wizz Air’s 81 airport partners) will continue to be allowed in the cabin for free. This new policy does not apply to bookings made before October 04th or for flights departing before October, the  24, except on the trial route London-Katowice where this policy already applies, Wizz Air believes this new 10€ large cabin bag online fee will incentivize passengers to bring smaller bags on board the aircraft while only those choosing to bring large bags will have to pay for it. For new bookings on flights departing from the 24th October, on all Wizz Air flights the fares will be discounted by 5€, (Minimum discounted total price is 8.99€ on each way, inclusive of taxes and maximum booking fee. The large cabin bags and checked-in bag are subject to additional fees.

The new Rules will be officially operating from the 4th of  October, 2012.

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