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 During August, 20  the greatest national holiday for Hungarians, it will be the land of plenty!

Get ready for a whole day of  celebrating long with festivities ending with the spectacular fireworks not just in Budapest but throughout the country. August, 20 commemorates the foundation of the Hungarian state, it is like the 4th of July for the Hungarians. Also called as St. Stephen’s Day, remembering Stephen I, the first king of Hungary and founder of the Kingdom of Hungary, who was canonized on August 20th in 1083 by the Pope Gregory VII and also is the “New Bread Day” when the bread is made of the year’s harvest of wheat.

This year as a part of this national holiday, the Gyulai István Memorial Athletic Grand Prix was added to the series of celebrations.

  2012 Summer Olympic Games of London the Hungarian sportlife and athletics have gained outstanding results and hopefully tomorrow we will able to deliver  some more outstanding results!

The heartbeats go beating stronger-and-stronger from 2.p.m. till 8 p.m. inside the Puskás Stadion!

During in the late morning hours at the Hotel Arena, just a „short sprint” to-and-from the Puskás Ferenc Stadion was held a conference for the media representatives to be announced what will be expected for the visitors arriving to the Gyulai Istvan Memorial Athletic GP. The press conference was opened by Mr. Péter Deutsch, Chairman of the Organizing Committee. Last year was the 1st  Gyulai István Memorial Athletic GP which was a historic event. As the logo says „The Legends Continues”, whereas 5 Olimpia gold medals, 8 World Champions and many more medal winners  are already here in Budapest to be attending at this Grand Prix.

“This Gyulai István Memorial Athletic GP is a dignified remembrance of my father and heartwarming to have it organized and brought to the scene again” said by Mr. Márton Gyulai, Director of the Gyulai István Memorial Race.

Mr. Attila Spiriev, Director of the István Gyulai Memorial Sports  welcomed the press and media representative and was glad to announce that there will be not only winners on the field, but also up sitting on stands to be as one at the Stadium. Hopefully tomorrow will  see  awesome results by remarkable sportsmen and sportladies on the field. He also added it will be Mr. Peter Deutsch’s, Chairman of the Organizing committee birthday. Believe it or not  he really made the timing connected to celebrate his birthday on the same day with this awesome sporty day at the 2nd Gyulai István Memorial Athletic Grand Prix. Mr. Spiriev brought up the attention to spread the news along, as: “We were able to succeed the access to a non cost event for everyone who wish to be present at this year’s celebration together with those who have brought and shared a lot of success and happiness for the Hungarians and Hungary.” I would personally call it this event “Little Olympia with the Big Stars in Budapest”.  And as he continued: “Still maybe some free entry tickets to the GP at the Ticket  Express Stands in the city. So who hasn’t got their own one yet, still can probably make it.” Talked about: “Sport is part of every national’s culture, and this is what we  want to contribute at our GP games. The day’s uplifting event will be the greeting of the grand sportsmen and sportladies as a part  of the ceremony at the Gyulai István Memorial Athletics GP event.” 

 Mr Attila Spiriev continued: “After 1996 with Balázs Kiss, as a former olympic champion  we once again  have a gold medalist, the Hungarian sportman  Mr. Krisztián Pars, the gold medalist of hammer throw at the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games. Krisztián Pars, Olympic champion hammer thrower said he wish to throw over 82 meters to improve his own personal result at the Grand Prix on 20th August. He told us: “Concerning my gold medal, this means the most for me. I have placed the benchmark as to reach it in my life. I’m very happy I succeeded my task. The most beautiful thing in the morning, as I wake up to know I am an Olympic champion. Not that I am not reminded of it by everyone I meet that I am the gold medal champion.” Pars says he is so pleased to get the opportunity to throw the hammer in front of his homeland audience. Added: “On Monday, August 20. I am expecting a better result from myself. I believe the 81 meter would be a realistically distance which somehow stuck in me at the London’s Summer Olympics.” He will be one of the highlights in the hammer throw and shinning star during the afternoon’s celebration.

Mr. Attila Spiriev continued by saying: “It was our great pleasure that we could welcome this time again Ms. Sanya Richard-Ross, as she accepted our invitation Ms. Sanya has reached  three multiplied three superb runs in London just a week ago and continued  her collection of medals at  the Stockholm Silver League Game. Sanya has won already 23 times shinning medals around the world since she pulled on her “sprinter shoes!”   Mr. Atitla Spiriev brought our attention to watch Ms. Yuliya Gushchina, the 5-times Russian champion who will also run within the battle of time together in the women 200 meters. Watch carefully, cause we talking about another grand sprinter who has the same millisec result in the 400 meter as Sanya Richard-Ross. This will be an extremely breathtaking race, so see how 200 meter women final results will be.”

Mr. Marcell Deák Nagy, runner, European Championship silver medalist runner, Hungarian record holder. He achieved this silver medal and so far no Hungarian has ever reached this high at any European Championship. He said: “I  am glad that after a such hard year of work  behind me, I could win the silver medal. Even though I didn’t think it could really happen.  What really meant a lot and awaited for in London was very much looking forward to do my best in front of  the sold out  stadion.” “Tomorrow, for the first time there will be an “African dumping” running on the field with Marcell Deák Nagy, as the only “pailface sportman” on the run.

Mr. Timothy Kitum, Kenyan middle distance runner, 2012 London Olympic bronze medalist. He is „the man” that ever ran 1:42:53 in 800 meters in the world. He won a silver medal in the 800 meters at the 2012 World Junior Championships in the Athletics at Barcelona, finishing second to Nigel Amos. The 17 years old teenager from Kenya blasted into the world of athletics. With his run 1:42.53 and timing stands in the line of number 10 in the World as the result of man ever running this fast. Kitum’s coach told him after the 2012 Olympic Games of London he can only go for one race in the near  future because of his young age and we are deeply delighted he chosen to be at Budapest at the Gyulai István Memorial GP and leaving out this time the Diamond League at Stockholm.  Breath a lot before his run, cause you will be holding back your breath when seeing  him running. When he was asked  at the press conference, since when did he decided to be a middle distance runner? His answer really brought a smile on everybody’s face in the room, by answering: “Only one year”, but he has been just running since 2009. Wow , divide the days and his time in running and you will get the figure of this  two-leg miracle! We will surely hear a lot of him in the future.

What a day to come in just a couple of  hours away, Mr. Jason Richardson, the hurdler from the United States of America accepted also the invitation to participate at the Gyulai István Memorial GP. He is a specialist in the 110 meter hurdles, so be ready to see a very-very fast sportsman. He spoke about his early day as a child. At his school the spark the light in being a hurdle at the age of twelve..Anyway,  his original plan was to be a layer. His sister who become a layer told him he has to learn day-and-night, ain’t an easy task. So he stepped aside from that thought and as  he said to-day at the press meeting: ”Who knows what tomorrow may bring, but for the time being, I wish to achieve and bring on surface the best in me. Could be after ending my career in hurdles, perhaps will go for academic studies of law.” Talking about “Superstitious” Jason knock on wood and spoke about the energy he has in his hair, therefore he said  “Ain’t going nowhere for a  haircut that’s for sure. My energy I receive  from the roots of my hair. Thank-you I am doing well with my Rasta hairstyle”.  He likes living his own way and style. Well hope he will show us tomorrow his style of winning the race!

Mr. Christian Taylor, triple jumper, the Olympic and World Champion, an American track and field athlete who competes in the triple jump and has already a personal record of 17.96 meters. At the age 17, he won the long jump bronze medal at the 2007 World Youth Championships in Athletics. Thereafter, he followed his national title by winning with his triple jump at the 2011 World Championship  and upsetting him in the field with the 10th best jump in history. He also competes in the long  jumps (with his best of  8.19 meters) and is also high within the sprints. Also by several jumps, “jumping” over to Budapest from the 2012 Summer Olympics games in London he will be seen at the Gyulai István Memorial Athletics GP.  Taylor talked about how important for him is the religion. He believes his success is granted from  God that shows his  path for him. Religion means a lot for him, always was a believer throughout his life.  As he said: “I feel very blessed to be in service to God.”

Just a thought regarding the near past, on the 5th of August, 2012 at the Summer Olympic in London, was the „golden” day for Sanya Richards-Ross, by winning the women’s 400 meters in 49.55.

Coming up to the present day, last but not least! I left to the end of my update to keep up the reading . The Queen of sprinter, four-time Olympic champion  Ms Sanya Richards-Ross is here again in Budapest! A day after the Stockholm’s Diamond League, now it is the second occasion she flew over to Budapest to be on the „sprinter start line” on the 20th of August, at the 2nd Gyulai István Memorial Athletic GP. As she said at the press gathering: “My dream came true in London as to win the gold medal in singles”. This thought of her’s  expressed  it all!

It was great to see her again, smiling as always, suppose it has a lot to do to her Kingston roots. She surely wears her delicate smile and her necklace, with the golden bullet medal received from her Mum from way back in time , as she was a runner as the  bullet fly in her young age.  I hope the gunpowder in the bullet will give her the strength be a shooting star at her sprint of tomorrow.

Just wish to share a nice talk I had this morning with Sanya’s father, as he was telling me: „Last year when Sanya told me she is going to participate at the Gyulai István Memorial Atlantic GP to be taken place at the Stadion named after the famous Hungarian football player „Puskás”, I was deeply envying her to be at the stadium named after a legend in the world of football. That was when she promised me, the next time she will be invited to come to the Puskás Ferenc Stadion, to the athletics fields in Budapest she will bring me along.” Her father has deep love and memories of the one-and-only famous Hungarian sportsman, the man with the brand name „Puskás.” So here he was also at the press conference and I was so pleased to see Sanya kept her lovely promise and she will be able to be at Puskás Stadion along with her father as well seeing her sprint. What a nice gift on both sides, for Sanya the shinning golds won at the 2012 Olympic Games in London and for her father to be here in Budapest at the Gyulai Istvan Memorial Athletic GP at the Puskás Ferenc Stadion. I also mentioned him, if they have the time to pay a visit while they are staying in Budapest to go to the cemetery at the lower-level of the Saint Steven Basilica, whereas he can see the grave and memorial stone of Puskás Ferenc with fresh flowers 365 days around the year and the FTC Hungarian Football Club’s and the Barcelona Football Club’s flag standing still as an honor to this great sportsman.

Mind you there will be many more athletics on the track and field tomorrow, but my update became a bit longer that usual and also wish to leave some surprises who else will be tomorrow at the 2nd Gyulai Istvan Memorial Athletic GP.

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter

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