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During the late morning hours on Saturday, the representatives of press and media gathered at the scene of the hall at the New City Hall, whereas  the Catalan artists, performers gathered  and were welcomed by as Mr. Miklós Csomós, deputy major of  the Metropolitan Municipality and Ms. Zsofia Vitézy, Head of the Budapest Festival Center.

Also the president of the ADIFOLK Mr. Antoni Vinas, Catalan autonomous government representative was present.

After the artists were welcome, each-and-every Catalan group, performers, dancers, human tower representative all one-by-one came to greet   the Major of the Metropolitan Municipality  by handing over gift from and  concering their activities.  Mr. Miklós Csomós, deputy major,  also  handed over a token to remember their stay in Budapest celebrating their 25 th anniversary

This time fewer words are the best, cause  the snaps speak for themselves.


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