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 With the arrival of the Catalan Cultural Organization Aplec Internacional to Budapest it is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary. A fiesta for three-days with  traditional Catalan  attractions mainly at the

5th District in-and-around the  Liberty Square – Budapest.

The main purpose for the Catalan Aplec Internacional community is to spread and promote in every sence at international level the Catalan culture.

The festival is open for all those who are interested in other country’s culture and also wish to spend a fabulous week-end out in the surroundings of Budapest.

The Festival to visitors is  free of charge.

The invitation went out from the Metropolitan Municipality and is organized by the Budapest Festival Center. This is the first time that the  world-renowned cultural organization visit Budapest – Hungary.  One of their main program is an act by  the Minyons de Terrassa, humans forming a tower. Within their three-day stay there will be the giant dancing figures, catalan joy and sorrow folk dancing and much more to see. A couple of minutes before 6p.m. a concert will take place the and the  Catalan folk dance group El Grupo, the music will be given by the  Catalan folk band, the  Bisbal Jove and the Budapest Operetta Theater Orchestra and Choir joint concert

Now the time has come for the Catalan Aplec Internacional community to bring their essence to Budapest.
One of the highlights of  the day was the performance of the  Barrera de danses,  Catalan and Hungarian folk dancers, presentation of the popular catalana universal i viva showing the Catalan folk traditions and the Human Towers Builders, the  Força, equilibri, valor i seny, showing strength, balance, courage and intellect and much more to see and hear.
At this point no need to say anymore, just go to the sideshow and see what you will be missing if not to go and see them with your own two eyes. The snaps speak for themselves!
On Saturday, a music parade will begin at and from the Ádam Clark Square ( District, I. on the Buda-side at the Chain Bridge)  all along to the Freedom Square.
As reaching the close to the evening performances  on Sunday, at  the  final cord will be Air acrobats, devil figurines
fire-breathing dragons and a grand gathering, which cannot be missed. Most probably during these three days many can see much more of the Catalan rich heritage culture than if they would get on a plane and stay at Catalan for a week or so.
Almost miss to mention … a festival cannot be also arranged without a load of food to ease the hunger. Traditional Catalan and Hungarian food is offered on the spot.
Update and snaps Aggie Reiter
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