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It all started with four Google’s workers, took four years, to-day reached out 4 continents

Four threes are twelve, but I am most sure it will be more to it!

The representative of the press and media were welcomed  a day ago at the magnificent scenario of the Museum of Fine Arts as to be present at the announcement of  Goggle’s Art Project to have had launched its presence at the Museum of Fine Arts and the Hungarian National Gallery. The opening was welcomed by Mr. György Szőcs, Culture Secretary of State (NEFMI) saying: “I believe that Google Art Project will not only give a picture of the museum’s collections and increase the visitors, but will show the Hungarian cultural heritage and other attractions more to it, arouse the interest around the world, and the arts education will play an important role.”

Ms. Edina Heal, representing Google in Hungary praised the Hungary Art Project and the leaders to have had expansion, the accession of domestic museums.” She continued: “We are proud that Hungary has taken part in this global event, by the participation of 2 national museums with more than uploaded 200 artifacts on the web in high-definition. Google is fortunate to have the opportunity to show the Hungarian culture through the insight of these museums to the internet users.” She added: “the so called Art Project all began four years of ago by 4 Google’s workers thinking of how Google technology could be available to benefit its way in the  world of arts and the culture. The four of them worked on this technology in their spare time.”

It is believed the Art Project presence will bring upon surface the region’s most important masterpieces of the Museum of Fine Arts, the so-called “hidden treasures”. He continued: “Although the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts is geographically in between Vienna’s and St. Petersburg’s, two major European art collections, I am happy to say Budapest’s Museum of Fine Arts from now on can be viewed along with them  through the museum map as one of the Best Kept Secret” in Europe. From now on through the Google project anywhere in the world can be discovered 150 unique art treasures, the ancient Egyptian monuments from the ancient and contemporary artists at the Fine Arts Museum that lies in the heart of Europe “- said Mr. László Baán, Director General of the Museum of Fine Arts.

The Hungarian National Gallery welcomed the new opportunities for the Hungarian art in the Art Project. He stated: “We believe that this new communication channel will increase the visitors to our museum and the visitors can learn, get acquainted with the most famous Hungarian paintings and their creators and in the future easily recognize the art works wherever they meet the eye” said Mr. György Szűcs, the Hungarian National Gallery appointed Director-General.

Here’s some thoughts about: Technology behind the Art Project!

„Art Project is a Java-based Google App Engine web application. The site exists entirely on Google’s infrastructure, and was built using Google APIs that are available to the public. There are two main areas of the site. The first is the “museum view”, which uses Street View technology to enable people to explore institutions’ galleries in the same way as Street View in Google Maps lets people to wander city streets virtually. In each museum, featured artworks are mapped to their latitude and longitude and displayed as a clickable annotation over the Street View museum imagery. From here people can click to explore an artwork-taking them into the site’s second key section of the site; the artwork “microscope view”.
The artwork “microscope view” uses Picasa to deliver amazingly high-resolution captures of artwork. Users can zoom into the smallest details of artwork, allowing them to see details from a vantage previously only seen by art restorers. People can then learn more about the artwork they are viewing through content delivered through the Google Scholar, Google Docs and YouTube APIs”

Another noteworthy data:

“Mr. Nelson Mattos, VP Engineering, Google: “Google is committed to bringing all types of culture online and making it accessible. The Art Project demonstrates how the Internet helps spread knowledge.”
Mr. Amit Sood, Head of Art Project, Google:  “The Art Project is going global, thanks to our new partners from around the entire world. It’s no longer just about the Indian student wanting to visit Metropolitan Museum of Art  in New York. It is now also about the American student wanting to visit the National Gallery of Modern Artin Delhi.” 

“The Art Project illustrates Google’s commitment to bringing culture online and making it accessible the widest possible audience. Under the auspices of the Cultural Institute, Google is producing high-resolution images of the Dead Sea Scrolls, digitizing the archives of famous figures such as Nelson Mandela, and creating 3D models of 18th century French cities.”

Google, of course thought of the next generation, therefore extended classroom-tested Art Projects for art teachers to hold hours for children aged 5 and beyond. So, in the near future a classroom will be available for teachers, children at the Museum of Fine Arts to wider the kids knowledge in the history of world-famous artist, arts.

The Art Partners list is pretty long, but just to mention continents anyone can do a bit of a rolling along: Oceania, Middle East, Europe, S. and N. America, Africa, Asia, well how does that sound!?! Enjoy your stay!

Well,  finally it may sound a bit strange to-day, hearing that four individuals had  the knowledge to break through and  come out with this superb technology, whereas everyone can pay a visit AT the World’s 41 museums. Hover over and take  an interactive walk, by not to have to dress in formal cloths, just having a comfy pyjama, step up to view 150 collection in your armchair of the masterpiece of arts of our history. By viewing some piece of arts may grab the attention and anyone can  figure out where, which museum they would  personally visit and see these arts in the near future.

The Google Art Project had not been developed for short-sighted persons, but to be serious these images will show an awesome closeup you may have never seen before.

Don’t forget you are your own pilot … you fly where you wish to be!

Uploaded and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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