The owner and the gallery is named after Mr. Ari S. Kupsus, the Finnish entrepreneur.

Address: VIIth District, 23/b Bródy Sándor str.  Budapest

You are cordially invited to the forthcoming exhibition opening on:

April, 16. Hungarian language

April 19.  English language

They both start at 6.30 p.m.

The entry fee is 1.000HUF (for students 500HUF)

“An Ancient Dawn”-titled


by Ms. Beáta Székely

She will be holding a presentation upon her research work in Transylvania. Her paintings express her love and importance for the Transylvanian culture. The guests will be able to personally ask her questions about the paintings.

All the income goes for the fund to help Beata to continue with her research in Kolozsvár area.  The seats are limited, so be sure to  make  an early bird reservation by passing your request through an e-mail: or personally give a call: +36-20-322 0334.

During the evening wine will be sponsored by: Sumegi Keller Kft.

To get equainted with the gallery’s previouly held and the line ups of exhibition can be viewed at the Gallery’s web site:

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