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“PUSKÁS” (April, 1. 1927 –  November, 17. 2006) 

The unforgettable, a part of the Golden Team and a Heart of Gold for the love of football!

He was a gifted footballer, a proud patriot. Extremely successful coach and last but not least a loving and beloved family man.

Only the greatest remain as a Legend and even he has gone ahead, he will be around till the end of time, cause that’s why Legends remains Legends. Mr. Ferenc Puskás was surely one of those.

Many around the World agreed he was the most awesome goaler and time tells, yes he was! He was buried under the dome of the St Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest on December, 9. 2006.

To-day at his memorial stone layed wreaths and many mourning ribbons by domestic and foreign football club’s.  Of course beside many other foreigner football member clubs, the hearts of the Real Madrid’s Football Club will always cherish his memory and would not wished to be missed at leaving their mourning ribbons.

I had the chance to-day on his birthday date to be present at the Puskás grave, his memorial stone. It is a place that  is not  generally opened for the public.  I  have taken some snaps and I would like to share them with those that the Puskás name still means a lot for them.

Puskás, the great legend would have had been 85 years old to-day, IF fate had not called out for him. He surely would be still a young adult by heart (not counting his last years medical conditions) and most probably ruling the young adults how to deal with the magic ball!

Puskás spread the name of Hungary throughout the World. There was and still are folks from North to South, from East to West that had the privilege to have had seen  him in twisting and twirling the ball around the green fields or heard about his performances from their Dads. Puskás was in the past, present and will be in the future admired around the World.

PUSKÁS in capital letters, was and will always be a LEGEND!

Personally, I think his soul exactly feels our ray of love and shines seeing he is living in our hearts.

By-the-way Puskás was so much attached to the football fields he probably can’t give up rolling the ball, so he is ongoing kicking the goals,  collecting the top in scores with the Heaven’s Grand Team.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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