It was in 2007,  Australia originated a campaign and brought in actions as to protect our World’s climate. Now-a-days this act had become a protection movement.

 Between 8.30 p.m. to  9.30 p.m. local time in Hungary the decorative lighting will go out!

Those arriving to the Chain bridge area (Budapest) awaits colorful programs! Just a hint: During the sixty minutes of darkness there will be fire jugglers, African drummers and light graffiti! More to that, a  bike will transform human energy into electricity. The energy generated by battery will upload and during the darkest hour it will be switched to the DJ desk, whereas the DJ will spread the music rolling in the deep dark hour!

Last year, with a number of 1.8 billion people “switched off the lights” in throughout 135 countries in having to join the campaign at millions of households and many world-wide known buildings. The Globe slowly  will fall into the shade of darkness for an hour. Rolling around the World  as the clock’s hands reach the pointed hour: The Sydney’s Opera House (even Bondi Beach), the Leaning Tower of Pisa,  the Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben in London, the Giza Pyramids in Egypt, the Acropolis of Athens, the Great Wall of China, the Colosseum in Rome and the Empire State Building and the entire Times Square, in the United States will be in full darkness.

The awareness-raising campaign opened the eyes of the inhabitants of our planet  to vote for and fight against climate change which was also a call by the WWF  in the same year of 2007!

Hungary has joined over  six years to this campaign from the spark of the idea. This year, as to the previous ones, Budapest’s main attractions,  the awesome historic monuments and building’s will be shinning with the illuminated rays of light, pre-darkness at: The Parliament,  The Chain Bridge with the other nine bridges crossing the River Danube in Budapest, the Buda Castle, the Fisherman’s Bastle, The New York Palace, the Hero Square, the National Theater. Lights turned off is not just a unique act at Budapest. Throughout the country in the same hour, towns, villages, settlements, cities will join this campaign. At the City of Kaposvár, the Cathedral of Our Lady, the Fancy “Gaudy” Palace the “Cifrapalota” at the city of Kecskemét, the Cathedral of Eger, just to mention a couple of outstanding, sophisticated  scenes and buildings in Hungary.

The astronauts from the International Space Station (ISS) will take snaps and videotape from their height, as the continents fall into deep darkness,  one after another following the different time zones areas.  For those who wish to follow this amazing sight for the eye can click to the website of the European Space Agency (ESA) to view the recordings.

The Aussie supermodel Ms. Miranda Kerr, promised she will give a yoga classes for free, to 500 people, if they show their  support in sharing their own uploaded video on YT.  According to another promise, the Greenpeace International’s CEO, Kumi Naidoo will green paint his beard, if 10.000 of  individuals will register on the International Earth Hour website.

Last year in Hungary approximately three thousand individuals, more than 70 municipalities and 250 institutions indicated their support to the campaign at the Earth Hour webpage.

The local WWF Earth Hour main contributors are the Allianz Co., Coca-Cola Hungary and the Magyar Telekom Group.

Well it seems IF we really want to do something good for ourselves and for the World we live in,  then within uniting co-operation the good cause can reach its goal!

Update by Aggie Reiter

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