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“Dance comes from an ancient language, which is goes back to the earliest period of the human culture. Throughout the time in history it had been preserved and passed on to everyone” These were the opening words of the Secretary of State for Culture, Mr. Géza Szőcs on Saturday,to this year celebrating its 75th year’s birthday of the Moiseyev folk dance group. The press gathering was held at the “Lukács” Pastry Shop, one of Budapest’s oldest building’s (built in 1912) that was in those days originally also a pastry shop. Now-a-days, after a 100 years the pastry-shop had been reopened with its original face and decoration: shinning brocades on wide windows showing the grand sight to the Andrássy Blvd., Crystal chandeliers and marble tiles at VI.th District, 70, Andrássy Blvd. (just a block away from the “Terror House” )

Mr. Szőcs Géza stated: “We are honored to have welcomed the world-famous Moiseyev dance group on their 13th visit to Hungary.” As he continued to say: “The art is none other than a method of transferring communication. In this sense, the art of dance is in a way like the languages, has many tounges, but the “dance language” and the “language of music” is well understandable anywhere around the World.

The Secretary pointed out the connection between of the Russian art dance, to the Hungarian culture. He mentioned: “Perhaps, many have had known, that Mr. Vaclav Nyizsinszkij, the world-famous ballet dancer, soloist spent his last years in Hungary and the Hungarians recognized him as their own.”

The Secretary of State for Culture handed over a memorial card to Ms. Elena Scserbakova, the co-leader and noted “The Moiseyev group is always welcomed to come to Hungary, as if they were at home.”

The co-leader of Moiseyev, Ms. Elena Scserbakova emphasized that during the different historical periods, princes, generals, presidents came and went but the culture was always over above the political status. She was happy to say: “So far, we have been in your country 13 occasion and the audience always reflected their joy and gave us their enthusiasm. There is not another country in the world like Hungary, that could be compared to any other public in the world.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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  1. Posted by Chris on 26/03/2012 at 23:17

    I just put on three KG just looking at the photos of these delicacies, what a time it would be just looking in the window of the Pastry Shop…Thanks for making me hungry..

  2. Posted by Shalamon Judith on 30/03/2012 at 12:17

    Hello there, what a neet place. I think I’m gonna go and discover the place and the sweets 🙂

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