A dream to come true!


The summer greens will surely come but in the meantime to gain the experiences is just out at our fingertips, as to visit during this week-end the MOM Park Shopping Center at Budapest.

There are so many scene to be held a press gathering, but this time the opening of the year’s golf season had been selected at an unusual site. No, not outdoor, but furnished indoor at the ground level of the MOM Park Shopping Center, Budapest. The visitors were greeted by Ms. Monika Bednár, main organizer of the event.

The Hungarian Golf Association seekerS is to promote an event with interactive possibilities of golf, and found an awesome partner within the MOM Park’s team.

The MOM Shopping Center  welcomes at the ground level all visitors to gain experiences with joining at the interactive golf days. Their main goal is to popularise the game of golf in Hungary.

Events days/time:

Friday: from noon till 7 p.m.

Saturday: 11 a.m. till 7 p.m.

Sunday: 11 a.m. till 4 p.m.

To participate at these programs it is free of charge.

Depending on the weather will be an outdoor golf experiences rolling up.

Stay and play golf, spending a golfy week-end! Beginners and professional can stroll over to the MOM Park Shopping Center and enjoy these interactive fields of green grass programs offer.

The press representatives were told the following: There has been a developed educational program for school kids as to acquire players within its  framework. This  is available even for the small kids to learn the basics of golf. There are pretty good results coming in from the foreign experiences. Of course success will not fall in anyone’s laps, needs a lot of practise, hard work, not to mention the continuous co-operation which is pretty much-needed among the participants in our homeland, the life of golf.  Mr. Andrew Súgár, President of the Hungarian Golf Association has high hopes that within four years, thousands of children will have a chance to learn and be out on the golf’s green grass. He also stated: “The Hungarian golf is a pioneer in terms of sport events and also I have deep hopes in sharing a lot of fun with everyone.”

Here is a couple of snaps to what to expect, to see and practice during this week-end at the MOM Park Shopping Center. But before rolling down the page, see some of the little kids who passed by at to-day’s press conference practising the stand, hold, shot, controlled by a golf trainer. Could be, within a decade these kids will be hunting for the scores.

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You can take part in the programs on the spot. The  Starting New At Golf (SNAG),   that will  also be implemented at the school’s,  as a golf program! The local PE teachers will receive theoretical and practical pre-trainings and will be able to teach the kids the SNAG in a playful form within their physical education.

Simulator: The three-sided slopes of varying difficulty simulator offers an opportunitity to try out and have an exciting experience for both beginners and professional athletes.

There is also a ground to gain experience of chip technology, as to practice in having a short game with the precise impact that hits the net.


For many already well-known, the year 2016 holds the Summer Olympics Games that will be in Rio and since the golf games  became a part of  the olympics games we can track the grand golfers by following their games on the green grass fields.

Hope these kids of to-day will be our future Hungarian  Mr. Tiger Woods and Ms. Annika Sörenstams.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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  1. Posted by Shalamon Judith on 30/03/2012 at 12:15

    I didn’t know till know that in Hungary there are so many green holes. Nice article. Hope you will come by and share more updates. Will be watching. Cheers.

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