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MAY, 13. 2012.

8 p.m.

14th District –  2,  Stefánia Rd. Budapest

Tickets Call: 422 2600


You will be up to be fastened  your seatbelts watching the breathtaking performances of the Ripple Brothers on a night at the ground of the “László Papp”  Sport Arena – Budapest, the largest indoor sport hall.  A number of 50 international guest performers will also lighten up the show.

Association of the Ripple Brothers are on their way as preparing a colossal super production. The production is an awesome, unique, the one-and-only show in the World. Coming soon the “curtains will fall down” when the audience will be present at a show that surely hits the scale of an international classy show. Their life‘s work will be an open book worthwhile to be seen at their compiled  “iO” Show with its breathtaking, sophisticated, unique tracks.

Both of them are humble individuals, even though they surely could be proud  and in a way they are most probably by reaching their nine world records.

 They are also famous of their extreme notion to charitable engagements.

By their deep dedication and professionalism they were able reach all the peaks they every dreamt of. They took advantage within all their power and potential that the Art of Artist’s are able to achieve. Beyond their years, they are already 23 years on “Rippel-ing along” the tracks.

So even though they have 23 years on stage behind them, are young in age.  They already travelled around the world with their show to five continents where millions have had seen their performances throughout a hundred countries.

 One of their main goal was/is to pass their deep vocation over to the youngsters, the next generation. Therefore, founded and developed their own school of art, the Academy of Art of Motion.

The brothers bodies are built exactly the same, as they were twins, but they aren’t. Have the same height 1.80 meter and weight of  90 kilograms. Both of them are constantly wondering to come up with new challenges.

Also, each year they think hard to come up with some surprises for their audiences. Their upcoming show won’t miss any surprises, that’s for sure!


Update by Aggie Reiter

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Chris on 16/02/2012 at 02:36

    This extravaganza will be a ” Book Early ” occasion it would seem….All roads will lead to the Laszlo Papp Sports arena and why not with the talent available…Thanks for letting all your readers know well in advance so there will be no excuses if anybody misses out….Thanks again…Chris from Downunder.


  2. Dear Chris from Dowunder. Ya sure frequently follow my uploads and that I must thank-you … and as the say goes on … IT’S MY PLEASURE … “A”
    YES… this show will be outstanding, I have seen the Brothers last year and it was superb.
    Regards from Budapest …Aggie “the” Reiter


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